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Monday, January 23, 2012

Giving it up.

I know it's crazy, but I'm having a hard time giving up our baby toys.  Our babies are not babies any longer.  Our littlest boys love trucks, Legos and Star Wars.  In an effort to avoid being sent to Hoarders Anonymous, we dug through the storage area under the stairs yesterday.  There are several full garbage bags not shown here...yes, I may have issues. 

It's 100% ridiculous to hang on to these things when we don't use them, and will never need them again.  There are certainly needy children in our city who would love and play with these toys, and that can't happen if they're in totes in my basement.  I saved one small tub of my favorites for daycare babies to use, and that's it.  There are still boxes and boxes full of toddler toys in our shed, which we'll have to deal with after we move.  This fact is keeping me sane.  I know they're out there and if for some reason I were to need a slew of little kid stuff tomorrow...

Hey, Mitch's mom saved stuff from when her kids were little for her grandbabies to play with...and she will forever be known as the grandma with all the cool toys.  There are worse things to go down as.  I'm saving our Fisher Price Little People forever, I don't care if TLC comes in here and mocks me.

Happy Monday!


Linda--a fan said... Best Blogger Tips

I would definitely save the Fisher Price. And at today's prices of Legos I'm glad I saved those--they've increased more than our retirement fund.

Tori Kyncl said... Best Blogger Tips

dont feel too bad, i hate getting rid of all things baby too. its sad to see your kids grow up so fast!