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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homemade Donuts and a 7 Giveaway

Sweet, sweet weekends.  We checked off so many things on our house to-do list (paint, light fixtures, paint, outlets, paint and switches...I'll be putting in for my electrician's license after that project!), and still had time for some fun stuff.  The kids saw a donut maker at Target last week, and the big news was, "did you know there's a machine that can make SIX donuts in under FIVE MINUTES!"  OH, my!  Ryleigh wanted to try making our own donuts, so we found this recipe, and started on Friday.

Side note-I've become obsessed with bread.  I started feeling uneasy about the store-bought "wheat" bread I'd been buying, after already being disgusted for a while by the hotdog/hamburger bun options.  I can't stomach paying $4.76 per loaf for the stuff I don't think will kill us (as fast).  The ingredients lists on the packaging is daunting, and I was totally paralyzed in the bread aisle week after week, trying to figure out the best way.  I went on a bread making spree a few years ago, and we were doing all kinds of grainy, wheaty, decent homemade bread.  I even scored a bread maker (thanks, Lynne!!) and that thing changed my life.  Then, I started doing daycare, and honestly just couldn't keep up.  We. Go. Through. So. Much. Bread.  I still used my bread maker to mix all my doughs for cinnamon rolls, pizza, breadsticks, etc.  But, I was buying like somewhere in the neighborhood of oh, FIVE loaves of "wheat" sandwich bread per week.  It started to gross me out.  So, ANYWAY...I came up with a system for making nearly all the bread we need for the week on Sundays.  Then, it's fresh, on hand, and consists of 5 or 6 ingredients as opposed to 28. I started out with white, figuring it was probably better for us than Sara Lee's "wheat".  I think I'll slowly transition them to homemade wheat, which is definitely a different texture than they've become accustomed to. 

I'm still buying bagels and english muffins, so don't go thinking I've completely lost it.  It's not that much work if you've got your week's menu all planned out and can do it ahead.  It's cheaper, tastier, healthier, and the scent that fills your home is nothing to complain about.. 

My word, where in the world was I?

Our handy assistant, Rugger.  He is so awesome about fetching stuff from the basement food shelves, or the garage freezer, or taking garbage out, switching over laundry, you name it.  Plus, he's funny.  I miss him when he's gone.  He had a sleepover this weekend, and I had a conscious moment of realization that I really like him.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, isn't that what they say?

I feel the slightest bit guilty about not letting them actually knead the dough.  The tiniest ittiest little bit.  I can only handle so much, you know what I'm saying?  Plus, the dough always comes out perfect when I use the bread maker.

So, this recipe calls for the dough to sit in the refrigerator overnight.  Then you roll it out the next day, cut out your donuts, and let them raise again.  Do you let them raise?  Or let them rise?  Either way, it's not a super quick process we're dealing with here.

I think I've only ever fried something once before in my life-and it was chicken wings.  I've never done dough...so I really didn't know what to expect.  I only had olive oil on hand, so that's what we used.  I also don't own a thermometer that reads high enough for oil (375* for this recipe).  So, I just guessed.  Evidently, my guestimations were just fine, because these babies were incredible.

Incredible probably doesn't even do them justice.  They were so good.  Breathtaking?  Yes. 

We inhaled them.  They were warm and light, with the slightest crispiness to the outside. 

The glaze was perfection.  Not sickly sweet, not too thick, just enough to make the whole thing melt in your mouth. 

I am not kidding you, we couldn't stop.  The entire batch was consumed between 10am and Noon.  No lie, and that was a lot of donut.  I didn't even care, I just kept interrupted them with, "YES!" when a kid yelled, "can we have another..."   No reason to save them, those delicious carbs were meant to be eaten fresh. 

We're still talking about them. 

I added a few teaspoons of cocoa to the very last of the glaze, and dipped three chocolate donuts.  I actually didn't even get to try one of those, because they disappeared immediately.  I heard they were good ;)

I had hoped to have a follow-up "my feelings one month after I read 7" blog written by now, but it just hasn't happened.  Wheels are turning, winds are shifting, change is coming at the Sallinger house.  Our week has been busier than I anticipated with two showings already so far and gorgeous weather that begs us to be outside.  I have no idea if I'll be able to blog again before the end of the week, so I'm using this post to host my "7" giveaway.  All you have to do is leave a comment!  I'll choose the winner by letting a small child pick a name out of a hat on Thursday, February 2 at 5pm (central).

If you don't win the book, you can always make some donuts to ease the pain.  Oh, sweet carbs.  



Lynne Herr said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been making all of our bread in the bread machine. And doing my best not to consume food with ingredients I can't pronounce. :) We do what we can do. Those donuts look amazing. Why am a entering a contest where a win and a read of that book that will likely result in even more guilt in life. *Sigh*

robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Alright ... comments .... I started reading Interrupted by the same author and I love it. She is awesome. As you have said funny, real, AND sarcastic to boot. Cant beat that. Oh, and I have never tried making homemade donuts except with a friend when I was in high school. Tempting. And ... wonder woman breadmaker, eh?! I guess that's what necessity creates sometimes huh?

Christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

The donuts look amazing & remind me of my mom - she used to make donuts for special occasions, like fun girl sleepovers! Anyway, I probably really need to read that book... :-)

Jacque said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy donuts! The book looks fantastic!

Elise said... Best Blogger Tips

Those donuts look delish and what a sweet family!
I'd love to win the book--I've really been wanting to read it.

MRSnow said... Best Blogger Tips

I have great memories of making donuts with my mom as a child. I bet my three little ones would love it too!
Jen is such an amazing author and speaker. I had the privilege of hearing her speak at a women's conference themed after her book "interrupted". It was life changing, and have now read the book 3 times. Can't wait to read "7"

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

With 5 kids in our house, we sure go through the 'bread' as well. The donuts look like a great weekend project. Thanks for the idea.

Kirstenintherain said... Best Blogger Tips

I love donuts waaaay too much. I used to work at a bakery and the morning shift was always the best - cuz that's when the donuts came out!
I would love the book...have heard so much about it! I am wanting to gather a group of women around me at church and have some co-conspirators for the life revolution I am praying for...

Jviola79 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, these look so good. Never thought to using my bread machine for that!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

Kendra said... Best Blogger Tips

I have never tried making bread. I did make my first cinnamon rolls at Christmas this year though. It's a start, right??? :)

JennAMom said... Best Blogger Tips

I want the book, and some donuts!

Kirsten Ferris Filian said... Best Blogger Tips

love to read about your family from my home state! and it would be fun to win 7!

jamie b said... Best Blogger Tips

those donuts are making my tummy growl! :) I must try them. I'd love to win Jen's book.

Cassandra Raney said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so sweet for the giveaway! I would absolutely love to read this book!!! Great inspiration with the donuts too!

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

I got so distracted by the donuts and the Pioneer Womans blog that I almost forgot to enter! I hope family is able to enter the giveaway!!

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't go into Pioneer Woman's blog because hours will go by and next thing I know I'll have a ticket for child neglect. Dangerous!

Cathy Wells said... Best Blogger Tips

I love making homemade donuts!!!!! I would also love the book!!

Marcy Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been doing all dough in the bread machine - what a great invention even if I don't usually bake in it!! The donuts look great, I've never made donuts in my life. Surely, I would eat all of them before your Dad even saw one!
Don't enter me in the drawing - I just wanted to comment - I do read your blog at all times.