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Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday, Friday!

I finally googled this video and watched it for the first time.  Have you seen it?  Officially, 3 minutes and 48 seconds I'll never get back!  One of Ryleigh's friends taught it to her, and we sing it every week, all the time never having heard the actual song.  I can't believe that video has gotten over 20 million views.  What the heck, people watching it more than once?  

Moving on!

Pajama day.

The kids were shocked to discover I owned actual PJ's.  {Tell me I'm not the only one who sleeps in old t-shirts.}

Window paint is such a fun thing, but it's so hard to clean up! 

We've had a very laid back week, with lots of runny noses, coughing, and staying home.  Pajama day totally fit into the week perfectly.  I think we need one more day of doing nothing, and a weekend, and hopefully by Monday we'll be ready to get out again. 

You might take note of the gold walls.  This wall is now grey.  I'm wishy washy on the color, afraid we should have gone a little warmer.  I'm sure after a few days of looking at it I'll just get used to it and forget all about my reservations.  {That's what happened with the gold.}

I put classical music on the kids' mp3 players, and encouraged forced them to listen while they did their free-writing this afternoon.  Heaven.  No chatter, no questions, no messing around dangit!  It was glorious. Ryleigh came up with some A+ poetry using this method, even :)

Now, I'll admit it doesn't take much to thrill me.  When I can haul these guys to work with me and know they'll entertain themselves in the gym attached to my office for 90 minutes straight, I'm thrilled.  It was after normal business hours, so their shrieking didn't bother anyone. 

Too bad I wasn't wearing my Heelys; after the rope rides, they were whipping each other around on their skates and I kind of wished I could have gotten in on that action.  I had my fingers hovered over 9-1-1 just waiting for a crash followed by screaming. 

I had requested a hard copy of "7" to give away, and forgot all about it until it showed up in my mailbox yesterday.  Score.  Such a fun surprise amongst all the junk mail and bills.  I'll have a giveaway next week!  

Happy Friday, as it is indeed Friday.  You might need to remind yourself that, "yesterday was Thurrrrsday...tomorrow is...Saturday".  Oh. My. Word.  No offense, Rebecca Black.  I'm sure you're a super nice girl and your mother loves you to pieces.  {And, congrats on the youtube success, by the way.}



robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

You should try window markers. They're awesome & super easy to clean. Not sure on the price b/c we got them for Christmas. Dry erase it pretty good too, though i'd want to find a deal on some before I let the kids go crazy w/ them. BTW, totally gonna get in on the giveaway. I started reading the Interrupted book and love it. Love her! Sarcastic and real.

Mi-hart said... Best Blogger Tips

No, you're not the only one that sleeps in old t-shirts :)

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

I have not seen these window markers you are referring to! I will have to check that out if we ever run out of window paint. We do dry erase (have 6 or 7 boards and one on our easel) but never thought about using them on windows. Good idea!