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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite.

Three cheers for a fun weekend.

I do feel grateful for a job that allows me to be home with my own kids all week, but I do love a good weekend. 

Grandma Rowe hit one out of the park with these homemade kites.  Seriously, she can do anything. 

Rugger is such a good big brother, no joke.  I hope he's always sweet and generous with his time to the little guys, because they think he is so cool. 

The kids freaked when these geese flew over.  It really did look like there might be a goose/kite collision, but it didn't happen.  Kind of like when you're at an air show and really fear the Blue Angels are going to slice off the top of your head, but they never actually do.  Similar situation.

Such a fun afternoon with my favorites.

Pretty ridiculous that we were sans coats and flying kites on Sunday, and woke up to snow on Tuesday.  Oh, Nebraska.


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

Memories...memories! Thanks, Grandma Rowe for making this possible. From: The Other Grandma Rowe, aka, LaoLao

Sall5ms said... Best Blogger Tips

Rugger is a good cousin, Jacob always ask for him

Marcyrowe said... Best Blogger Tips

What a hoot! Who knew you'd fly them in January?