"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Friday, January 20, 2012

Phone Photo Friday

My phone camera is back in action, which means it's been busy over here :)

We got seemingly miraculous Rockstar parking at the Children's museum yesterday, making this trip perfect from the start.  I told the kids I had prayed for a good spot right before we turned the corner, and Ryleigh said she thought maybe there was a "reason" for it.  "Yes, like maybe you could be witnesses for Jesus by being on your best behaviors."  Ha!!  Is that wrong?  They did have good behaviors, I'll just say that! :)

A staff member took Ryleigh's picture with her creation here, so if you go in the next few weeks be on the lookout for it on the wall!

The library has become a great place for us to go during daytime showings now that it's too cold to head to the park.  We're feeling extra thankful to be checking out free books these days, after escaping a fine of $99.40 last week.  Ninety-Nine!  Turns out, "return library books" somehow fell off my pre-vacation to-do list.  Last week it hit me out of nowhere that our books were probably overdue.  60+ books X 6 days X $.25/book = devastation!  We had actually checked the books out on a youth account, but the system had mistakenly calculated the charges as if it were an adult's.  This brought things down into the $40 range...but, still.  There's a 1-time "fresh start" option on youth accounts, which wipes the fees to $0, and we took advantage of it.  Ha!  Oh, heavens!

So, there's your Lincoln Libraries tip of the day from the Sallingers.  Borrow your kids' books on a youth account, and then if something crazy happens, utilize the "fresh start" wisely (because you can only do it once)!  

P.S.  We have never lost a book.  This is one advantage to having a small house that's picked up all the time for showings.  Yes, our house is still for sale, in case you were wondering! 

We can't be getting banned from the library, we love it too much.  It's kind of fun to go on non-storytime days, because it's so quiet.  We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves, having the time and space to sit, browse and play games.  

This camo suit of Truman's deserves a post of it's own.  Look at his eyes, he's glaring under there!  He's not mad, just super serious about getting that deer. 

Ryleigh's latest evening activity: book/poem competitions.  A person (anyone, but likely only members of our family) could write a poem or short story, and turn it into her.  At the end of the evening, she will give out awards.  Best Poem.  Funniest Story.  Most Original.

Very hilarious.  I'm not sure what the cash register is for...maybe there was a fee at one point to participate?  I know I didn't pay anything, maybe I got a "deal".

It's been almost a month (since before Christmas) that we've had an evening to do nothing.  By nothing I mean, everyone's home at the same time, play legos, take baths, read books, go to bed at 8pm.  A normal night, if you will.  Hallelujah! 

Homeschool kids' P.E. class...

We've had such a mild winter, these kids have been outside every single day with very few exceptions.  It's finally cold enough this week I told them they had to stay inside, and after a few days, they asked to do Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred video.  And I laughed so hard, I nearly woke the nappers.  The went the entire half hour!  Ryleigh even used the 3lb. hand weights for parts of it.  They're begging to do it again.  

Hey, it works for me.  The DVD player is in my room, which is where I fold laundry.  Two birds, folks!  They get some exercise, I get my laundry folded and off my bed, and everyone's ready for sleep by 8pm.  Including me.  Yes!