"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


These kids were driving me crazy.  Like, for real.  Sunday night, I told Mitch I thought I was probably ready for a break.  Monday at noon I sent him a text saying I needed a donut immediately or I'd just go ahead and lose the will to live.  By Tuesday at noon, let's just say it wasn't any better.  Lord, have mercy!  Days like these are so few and far between for us, I don't even know what to do.  Is it me, or is it them?  Do I need a break, or are they trying to get my attention?  Are they not getting enough sleep?  Too much sugar?  Not enough time to themselves?  Please, what IS it!??  Make it stop!  They were wild, whiny, argumentative, and sassy-mouthed.  All of them.  All day long.  For more than one day.  Not normal.

Then, like a switch flipped at 1pm on Tuesday...it was over.  Rowen and I folded laundry while Reise got herself settled on the basement couch for a little rest.  The big kids started in on their school work, all by themselves.  I had time to choose almonds over frozen cookies (blasted girl scouts!) and start some bread dough.


I like it better when I don't need to put myself in time out just to stay sane.

My little laundry folding buddy.  I love that face!

During our days of mayhem, we did set up a few new systems for following directions.  Let's just say this mom wants things done immediately and cheerfully.  I know my kids' eye rolling and foot stomping is a direct Godsmack for my behaviors as a child.  I'll just go ahead and give my parents this full circle moment: it's all come back to bite me in the you-know-what. 

My big reader and his big sister, who helps him when he gets stuck on the hard words. 

All the, "I alwaysssss have to..." and the, "I neverrrrr get to...".  Oh. My. Word.  It just has to stop, before I go and lose muh dang mind.  The back-talking is on my list, too.  Especially the mumbling, under-the-breath variety.  Again, a real Godsmack.  I'm sure my mom is rolling.

My little napper, I wonder if she'll ever give up naps?

Days like these make me wonder if I really know what the heck I'm doing.  I should probably just send them to school.  We need a John Rosemond intervention.  Someone find me a mental health professional with the license to dispense meds.  Then, suddenly something shifts and all is right once again.  Kids obey the first time, I have more patience, and there's more laughing than whining.  All the stars align, and we live to see another day.  I need to remind myself that these phases, ups and downs, don't define us.  I'm not a perfect mom with angelic kids.  I'm not a failure mom with little demons running around unchecked.  I'm learning as I go, and they are really good kids. 

My responsible, self-motivated child.  

Somewhat unrelated but not completely: Rowen's been carrying around this brown rope for days.  He trains the cat with it, ties stuff up, pretends it's a lasso, and has been warned that if he puts it anywhere near anyone's neck it will disappear immediately.  I hear you when you say it's not as fun to play Doggie when the dog has to hold the rope in his paw, but that's the only safe way to do it.  When it comes to strangulation hazards, it's my job to be the fun hater.

And, even tho everything seems to have mostly righted itself by now, I'm still going to take that break.  Clearly, if Rowen dragging a rope around for three days is grating on my nerves, I need a minute.  Who's with me? :)