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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Groundhog Week Four

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During week four we shared some creative writing and research about groundhogs.

Two short stories about a family of groundhogs, a combined effort of our kids ages 4-8 (organized by the 8yr old).


Hi.  I'm Texnut!  I'm 5 years old.  In my family are one mom, one dad, and me!  Today, my family and I finished our burrow.  Now, all we have to do is haul in the leaves.  That's hard work.  This morning we set out to find the most leaves possible.  I found a good leafy spot and I worked 'til the afternoon trying to cover the floor of the whole house.  Finally, it was done!  We celebrated with all the good treats, like nuts and seeds.


Today we had a baby, named Texi.  She has no fur.  My mom has to take care of her a lot.  She is in the baby room of our burrow, now.  I mostly just wander around most of the day, trying to find something to eat.  Our dad is out of the house now, because we have a baby.  Our family now includes one mom, one dad, me (Texnut) and my little brother.

Today, a snake came into our burrow!  We ran for the escape exit.  I got out first, Texi came out second, and my mom came out last.  In one hour, we went back into our home.  The snake was gone!

Groundhog Facts
By Ryleigh

Thanks for following along ;)


Jenn Utecht said... Best Blogger Tips

Your Groundhog project is a HOOT! Thanks for sharing what they're doing with it : ) I love the short stories!!! You rock, Mama Becky!