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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Nothing better than being rocketed down an icy hill on a cheap piece of orange plastic in the freezing cold. 

The two odd shaped bruises on my legs are proof that I'm not a fun hater.

(Tiff, turns out, that weird painful lump behind my knee is a bruise.  No blood clot here, PTL.)  If your sister isn't a nurse, I feel sorry for you.  It's a really handy thing, to have talented siblings.

We had so much fun.  So many giant smiles, all around.  Love it when that happens.

Let's pay some attention to Reise's periwinkle blue snow pants.  I'm telling you, this girl will be the death of her parents.  She was so mad at me for not letting her squish herself into a pair of size 2T snow pants.  The 2T's had a semi-snazzy blue design on them, which were WAY better than the "plain old" black pair I bought in her size.  ("Plain old" is Reise's generic derogatory term for anything that lacks style, in her humble opinion.)  Black is so practical, especially when we're talking about snow gear which will be passed down to boys, there's just no way around it.  I'm kind of sorry, but not sorry enough to buy pink.

Lo and behold, these light blue pants were in the closet the entire time, I just forgot they were her size.  I am not exaggerating when I say she squealed in delight. 

While we're calling Reise out for her Diva ways, I'll also mention that she has a beautiful (handed-down from a cousin) pink 2-layer Columbia coat.  However, she chooses this (very worn) beige number, because it's kind of shiny, and the hood...oh, my goodness, the hood has fur.  And, there's a pocket inside for her MP3 player.

I love her so much, I can't stand it.

Rowen is such a funny little kid.  He has no fear, which is probably normal for a boy.  He'll try absolutely anything.  I hope he has enough sense not to kill himself.  Some days I really wonder.  Thankfully he's trying to keep up with his big brother, and Rugger has fairly decent common sense.

Perforated eardrum?  No problem for Ryleigh (who is aware that not a single item she's wearing matches, and doesn't care-love it!).  We were all pretty grossed out by the eardrum bursting thing that morning.  It didn't seem to bother her, and she was already on antibiotics, so I'm assuming it will heal up on its own now.  She did mention that when she drank cold water she could feel the temperature in her throat/ear.  Weird-ish.

The sled goes much faster when there's, ahem, more weight.  So, clearly the best ride of all involves me.  Piling three kids in there works pretty well too, as long as someone doesn't rock the boat half-way down.  Ask Mitch how many times he went down.  Ask him!

The best part of this whole experience was me utilizing the delay timer feature on my oven, so the lasagna I had thrown together over lunch was hot and ready to eat when we got home.  I've only used that option once before, and was paranoid we'd either come home to a fire, or have to wait another hour until dinner because the oven didn't turn on.  Whew! 

While we're here, the new winner of the 7 giveaway is...Lynne Herr! 

There's a sleeping preschooler in my bed right now, which is definitely against the rules.  Rules, shmules.  I am going to go snuggle for a good 10 minutes and feel little to no guilt about it. :)


Lynne Herr said... Best Blogger Tips

Winner of the Day? Even though I will experience guilt from reading that book, I'm sure, just being called Winner of the Day makes this day awesome. :) And if you want to draw another name, I'll happily pass along the book to them after reading it. I won't even make a crack in the spine. :) Thanks, Becky!

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Dnmretired said... Best Blogger Tips

Memories of sledding days past...oh, the stories we (The Rowe Family) could tell! Thanks, Dad & Mom for taking them and for taking pics while there. LYNNE...I'd love to share the 7 book after you're done with it...and I'd then pass it along to whomever...let me know! Love, LaoLao

Lynne Herr said... Best Blogger Tips


Christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the delay option on my oven, but I've also been nervous to use it. I have a couple times, but even just letting the oven bake when I'm out of the house unnerves me a little. Though I have NO problem at all with a crockpot!! And my brother-in-law refuses to let my sister use the crockpot on weekdays when they're at work. Only when they're at home. He's convinced it will start a fire. I feel bad for them - they're definitely missing out!