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Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow Day

Our Saturday was supposed to be packed.  Jacob's Well Food Distribution, house showing, and two birthday parties.  All fun, good, eagerly anticipated events.  Thanks to 11 inches of snow, all canceled.

We leaned into that snow day like it was an unexpected vacation.

The kids played outside for close to FIVE hours total.  The house was clean, and stayed that way for a record 24 hours because no one was inside to mess with it. 

For as many moments during a typical day that I look at Rowen and literally fight back tears of sadness over my baby growing up so fast, there are an equal number of times I'm so delighted to be past constant immediate supervision.  It's so freeing to be able to send all my big kids out in the back yard together, and holler at them periodically from the kitchen door.  

I'm good after about an hour of cold.  I'll get that snowman started, pull the sleds out of the shed, watch a few snowboarding attempts by Rugger, snap a couple pictures, and head inside to get the hot chocolate going.  Hey, somebody's gotta be responsible for that!

These chickens were so exhausted after an entire day of exercise, they were snoring by 7pm.  I was feeling pretty good about the day, honestly.  I got so much done, the house was magically still picked up, and the kids were asleep early?  How did I get so lucky!?

Unfortunately, it didn't last.  Ryleigh was up every 90 minutes in the night with ear pain, poor sweet girl.  Reise seemed to be coming down with a UTI, which I had to google, because no one here has ever had one (including me).  Our Sunday turned pretty lazy, getting a prescription for antibiotics, and mixing up cranberry/pineapple/blueberry/baking soda cocktails. 

Both girls seem to be on the mend, so hopefully we'll be able to go to the "big hill" for sledding later this afternoon.  Rugger was so disappointed we couldn't go Sunday.  He's been wanting to go snowboarding, and we finally got snow!  A few Redbox rentals and some snacks were enough to distract him.  It's pretty fun to reap the benefits of a sick day when you aren't the one sick :)

Happy Monday!

P.S. NotGoodWith#s never claimed the prize last week, I'm going to wait until Tuesday at 5pm, and then draw another winner!


Zeba said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely pictures. On Saturday, I enjoyed my first snow. It was breathtaking.