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Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Groundhog Week One

We are participating in Project Groundhog and I'll be posting our assignments on this blog, hopefully on Friday each week.  I'll list the links each week in the Project Groundhog page found at the top.  We are interacting with 1st and 2nd grade classes from Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Canada, sharing weather data collected over the next 6 weeks.  We'll also be sharing assignments and getting to know the students from these classes!  Our kids are very excited to be participating.

Our Groundhogs

We have a colony of seven groundhogs, 6 boys and 1 girl.  Their names are: Bazzy, Isaac, Mr. Groundhog, Tox, Cabela, Thomas and Paper.  Their ages range from 2-7 years old. 

Some of our groundhogs have really long teeth.

Our groundhogs did not see their shadow on Thursday.

Our Community

We live in the capitol city of Lincoln, Nebraska.  It is the 2nd largest city in Nebraska, and home of the Cornhuskers.  There are about 225,000 people living in Lincoln.

This winter has been very warm for us, and we've hardly had any snow so far.  In the summer, it gets very hot-sometimes over 100 degrees!  It's also very humid where we live.  In the warmer months there is a Farmer's Market downtown, and we love to go there.  We buy fruits and vegetables, and also crafts and
baked goods (and sno cones!).

We go to school at home, and our mom is the teacher!  On Fridays we go to a co-op to take classes like dance, wrestling, drama, art, Shakespeare, and music.  We like having school at home because we get to finish our work in about 2-3 hours per day.  Our favorite place to go during the day is the Lincoln Children's
Museum, and the Lincoln Children's Zoo.

The people in our community do a lot of volunteering.  We volunteer with an organization downtown that helps the homeless with groceries.