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Friday, March 30, 2012


The Baby: "um, could someone please fetch my sunglasses?"
This weather!

This particular park trip was super last minute, which is usually the best kind.  We stayed way too long and napped way too late...all things summer.  Loved it so much. 

Rugger: "um, can I have another dose of Zyrtec?"

A little Phone Photo Friday action:

Rugger sent this with me last week when I went to visit my grandpa Rod for the last time.  Sweet boy.  The inside said, "I hope you feel better tomorrow".   This was my mom's facebook status on Wednesday:  "Off to Bismarck, North Dakota to bury my dad. Roderick Monroe, born Feb 27,1927 - died March 25, 2012. He is survived by 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren - quite a legacy."  Gpa Rod always had a jar of peanuts in his van, could fix anything, installed a lock on our deep freezer (safety first!), and always took our family out to eat at Valentino's when he was in town.  He was a part of some really good memories from my youngest years.

If I do say so myself, I'm getting pretty good on the Heelys.  I leave them in the van and practice at the grocery store, Target, etc.  Home Depot has a prerecorded message that plays overhead reminding customers that skate shoes aren't allowed.  While I understand the liability issue, it just seems wrong to waste all that wide open smooth surface!

"Oh, *that's* how you keep them so quiet at Super Saver."

I feel like I have a lot of words left, but no time, which is usually how it goes over here :)  

It's Fountain Pop Friday, and coconut rum 8pm bedtime tonight, something I may or may not start looking forward to starting Wednesday each week!  I swear I love my life, and I'm not in need of an intervention.  "Calling in the PACT"-I love you, T and D :)

Happy Weekending!


Dave Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

So long as the 8PMs stay PMs and not AMs, we're good. HAHA.