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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just some rambling.

So, we went ahead and sold our house yesterday.  I wish I had a picture of a sold sign in my yard, but my slacker Realtor is in Las Vegas with the buyer's slacker Realtor (Hi, Jason! Hi, Colin!), so unless I get out my Sharpie... :) 

We. Are. So. Excited. 

We have been praying for months.  The kids pray at every single meal and randomly throughout the day...the 3yr olds' version: "Thank you God for our house to sale."  They took it very seriously.  If someone seemed to be finishing and forgot, one of them would YELL it out to interrupt the "Amen" to make sure it got done.  Praise the Lord, our house did "sale". 

Now, we are praying to pass our whole-house inspection, and the buyer's FHA loan inspection.  Reise's version: "Please do not let them find anything dangerous."  My version: "...or, expensive." 

Some phone pics I am finally getting put up here:

Evidently destroying the living room during rest time, while the big kids are learning important things in the basement, is very exhausting.  I do have to give him credit for entertaining himself as quiet as a church mouse for over two hours straight. 

Speaking of church mice...I cringe at these two using their flashlights to investigate the space under the stage at the old church we go to for homeschool co-op classes. 

These two are really into playing games now.  So fun.  They can count and know how to take turns, which makes things so easy all of a sudden.  Weird, weird, weird to not have any babies left in the house.

Few things make me happier during the day, than finding one kid reading to another kid.  Bonus when they're for real reading the words, using the voices and everything.  Rugger is reading so much faster, and figuring out how much easier life is when he can read stuff!  He is amazed when he can read a street sign as we're driving by, because until pretty recently it would have passed too quickly.  Now, he can recognize those words fast enough to shout them out, "GET CASH NOW!"  hahaha!  So fun.

Well, I'm off to start laundry, make a mess in the kitchen that I may or may not clean up right away, and go out to enjoy the weather we're supposed to have today.  It was 51* at 5am on March 6.  Oh, Nebraska.



Tori Kyncl said... Best Blogger Tips

so happy to hear your house sold! do you have a new one picked out?

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Tori! We don't have a new one picked out yet, we decided not to even look until ours was sold. We finally looked online Sunday night! So fun. Finally, we are on the opposite end of showings!