"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Thursday, March 22, 2012


It feels so good to have an ordinary day.  Everyone's healthy, well rested, and we're finally able to get out of the house.  And, speaking of the house.  We have a new one to move into, praise the Lord! 

Library story time is honestly one of our favorite weekday destinations. 

The Baby is on the move.  She and I started out way in the back of the room, but she eventually scooted herself clear over to Reise, pulled on her jacket to get her attention, and then scored a spot in her adopted big sister's lap.

My middle child is such a funny girl.  

When the story time leader announced it was time for the "silly dance party", she made sure to move the baby all the way back again, so she wouldn't get trampled.  She will make such a good mommy someday! 

A few minutes into the story, our Realtor sent me a text saying the offer we'd made on our new house had been accepted.  Obviously many texts followed that, and a few minutes later I realized Miss Susan was glaring at me from behind In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Ahem.  Seriously sorry, but it was kind of a big deal.

I'm so happy we don't have to rent.  SO.  HAPPY.  And, I really like the house.  Everyone but Ryleigh is really excited; she usually takes longer to warm up to anticipated change. 

Yay.  Thank you, God.  Our prayers have changed again, now including, "please help our loan go through smoothly."  Rowen is still adding, "thank you for our house to sale and for our despections".  Doing taxes when you're self employed is pretty fun (hello, tax return!).  Getting approved for a loan isn't so fun. 

Now that we feel like we can breathe again, the really exciting stuff starts.  Packing, planning, organizing, picking out paint colors, counting down the days...  So.  Thankful. 


P.S. If you're buying or selling, I would confidently recommend our Realtor.  He always very quickly responds to texts/emails/calls.  (Even crazed, irrational requests at the last minute.  I mean, I've heard this about him.  Luckily we're not prone to wild freakouts or semi-meltdowns.)  Hey, this process can get stressful, and getting questions answered right away, or being able to see houses with very little notice really helps the sanity levels.  Plus, he's pretty funny.