"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, March 19, 2012

When the week is a blur...

So, Friday after the week had passed in a fog, I got three texts in an hour asking me if I'd go ahead and blog again sometime soon.  Then, another text mentioning said blog.  My blog?  Oh, shoot!  My blog!  Poor, sweet, neglected baby.  I had real (sick) babies to tend to all week, and evidently I don't sleep through the night anymore (??) So, my blogging mojo took a hit.  

Thankfully, I feel like maybe the sleep thing was a phase and most of my chickens are on the mend.  Plus, I beat my mom at Words with Friends today.  I mean, come on.  Get outta here and shut the front door.  {It's kind of a big deal.}  Evidence:

From two weeks ago...

The bigs are moving right along with their piano lessons.  A certain middle child may or may not have decided to pursue other interests for now.  We are not 100% sure what's going on there. 

Whoever isn't practicing the piano can usually be found doing something like this.  {I think that's a train.}

Sometimes we do science during the day (as opposed to at bedtime), because everyone likes it.  They think it's especially fun when I make things explode.  {Like, 2ltr bottles of Fresca, for instance.}  Even better if it's pajama day.  Who doesn't like pajama day!?

From last week...

I feel like I lost a good week of my life to a virus, which attacked all five of our kids and held on for dear life.  Good Lord almighty, I thought it would never end.  We sure made up for being healthy all winter, I'll say that much.  There must be a lot going around, my week included daily check-ins with my sister whose boys were also really sick (and we haven't seen them in weeks, so we couldn't have passed germs).

I can't get enough of kids who fall asleep with their toes sticking out of their blankets.  Bonus if they're hanging off the couch.

Double bonus if they're near an empty barf bucket.  Poor diabetic kids, really don't do well when they're sick.

You know your kids have been laid up in PJs for 9 days when they start wearing their wedge heels around the house to liven up their outfit.  Oh, Reise.  {Tiff, you really hit it out of the park last year for birthdays, just sayin'.}

{Aunt D, do you recognize that Scooby Doo blanket?}

I bought this giraffe blanket for Rugger before he was born, and he still loves it.  So happy to see him not looking like death.  {Not looking like death is a great thing.}  He and Ryleigh took a step back yesterday, and went to bed feeling rotten again last night.  Will you pray that they kick it for good sooner than later?  Rugger is going on day 10.

{I love my husband.}

Words with First & Second Graders {a lot less interesting...what's "ZA" anyway, mom?}...

Here's to a new week!  Here's to finding the right house, sleeping through the night (two issues that could be related?), and having all the kids healthy at the same time.