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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet Same Old

After several weeks of weird, unusual days, I dare say we have finally settled back into our regular rhythm again.  Praise the good Lord.  I don't even know what happened.  I actually began to wonder if "normal" was a dream I'd once had and it would never actually come around here again.  Wow.  Irrational fears of a mother in a funk with too much going on to handle a glitch like that.  C'mon! 

Rugger entered a snow board design competition he found all by himself in his Sport Illustrated Kids magazine.  He dug out an envelope all by himself and addressed it and everything.  He keeps saying, "when I win that snow board I'm going to give it to Truman.  I hope it comes before winter is over."  I love him. 

I can't wait to sell this house.  My poor kids are so used to getting the house ready for showings, they wake up asking about them.  If I say no showing today, Rowen yells, "YES!! I CAN GET OUT ALL THE TOYS I WANT!!"  It's kind of funny, and kind of sad.

We've never had an extremely messy house in general, but this kind of cleaning and keeping picked up does not make for a super relaxing environment, and everyone can feel it.  Sell, baby!!  SELL!!!

"The Baby" has gotten so big, and insists on being up in the action, all. the. time.  There is absolutely no leaving her out, ever.  She's a sweetheart, we're so lucky!

The kids spent one nap time this week playing with the giant states map in the kitchen.  Thanks Target, for your dollar bin flash cards ;)  Homeschool social studies-check!

We went to see The Cat in The Hat at the library this week.  It was c.r.o.w.d.e.d. in there, the kids were packed in like sardines.  Towards the end, right before they released the kids to go find The Cat in the main part of the library (who's brilliant idea was that, anyway?), I panicked for a minute.  With all the scooting and squishing, my 6 preschoolers were spread out and scattered.  I was stuck in the back with a baby on my lap.  Picture a toddler stampede towards the door and me losing them all simultaneously. 

Those sweet chickens made a beeline for me at the back of the room, filed in a line like perfect little angels!  I literally clapped and cheered for them, so thankful for their awesome out-in-public skills.

If you can pick out Titus and Reise, notice she waffled him up into her lap so he could see better.  She's such a mommy.

The Cat was a tiny bit creepy.  Maeson especially had a hard time getting all snuggled in there for a picture.  Titus decided to go sit in the stroller, because he didn't feel like getting anywhere near that cat. 

You know, it's the little things that make me so insanely happy.  Finding my two littlest boys' blankies piled on the kitchen floor with the book they snuck into the bed they shared at nap time... 

I actually have some cute phone pics, but I have to go feed the small children who live here ;)  Rugger is currently entertaining Reise and Rowen with a game of "Trouble".  My gosh, my kids rock.  I'm so glad we are back to the sweet, sweet same old around here!

Happy Weekending!!


Jenn Utecht said... Best Blogger Tips

Routine is a godsend, is it not?! So glad you had a great week!!! And blessings on the house selling!