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Friday, April 20, 2012

For the Love of the Land

I saw a response to a tweet yesterday that reminded me of a saying I am going to try and incorporate into my everyday vocabulary.

For the love of the land!

We move in one week.  Lord willing.  Our loan still hasn't made it through underwriting, (no news is good news right now?? Um, not in my opinion!  That's just no news.  That just means it's sitting in a pile somewhere where it's been for three weeks and needs to be looked at.  "Approved!" would be good news!).  Oh, for the love of the land, I'll be so happy when we're done with this process! 

Reise's Jr. Drama class at the homeschool co-op put on a little performance last week.  The script was written by the kids in a circle; so each person added a little to the story as they went around.  It was very interesting!

Chickens, Yoda, snow people, a Popsicle woman...??   Her teacher told me in an email that Reise was delightful, and very kind to her friends.  For the love of the land, I love that girl.  I really couldn't care less if she ends up on Broadway, as long as she continues to be delightful and kind!

Be still my heart!  I could do sit for however long they'll keep reading to me.  Add an interested preschooler who's content to sit on my lap and listen the entire time...hello, paradise.  

For the love of the land.  Seriously, those snuggled up brother feet are too incredible!

You better believe I'm continuing my Fountain Pop Friday routine today.  For the love of the land, I've been looking forward to it all week.  I tried to quit sugar and white flour on Monday.  Felt pretty good through Tuesday.  By Wednesday after some S.O.S. texts to my cousin regarding my life in general, she replied, "this is no time for you to be starting any ridiculous diets".  For the love of the land, she's so right.  See how it works in so many ways?  It's fun for me! 

Happy Weekending!


Stef said... Best Blogger Tips

For the love of the land I love that there is such a thing as Junior Drama class and that Reise is in it! So cool. Maybe she is the next Julia Roberts, you never know. Also, for the love of the land, I'm considering adding Starbucks Friday to my routine. But does that mean I have to give up Scooters Tuesday and Crane Coffee Thursday??? I need to think on this. Common loan, can't wait to see around the INSIDE of your new place.

If These Walls Spoke... said... Best Blogger Tips

YES! For the love of the land, you are entitled to at least three coffees per week-are they all drive-thrus? Even better if they are. Love you!