"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long Weekending.

I wouldn't say we "live for the weekend" at our house.  We enjoy our weeks, and I love a good routine.  I feel so happy about my ability to be home during the week with my kids and "work" at the same time.  Our daycare families are absolutely amazing, which is the only way the whole thing makes any sense!  It feels good by Friday to have a fun weekend planned with no naps, no routine, no meals planned out.  After a few days, everyone's ready to get back to normal.  Perfect cycle.

Friday night Ryleigh, Rugger, and Reise had a Sing Fling to prepare for their Palm Sunday performance (blog post pending!).  They had a blast, but we were up later than I thought we'd be.  I am so dang old.  I never thought missing my 8pm Friday night bedtime would make me so sad!  It was fun though, really.  Mitch and I took Rowen out to eat, which really felt weird.  I'm sure people probably looked at us sitting in a normal sized booth with our child and didn't think a thing of it.  Normal looking family of three over there!  So. Weird.  A few errands, an ice cream run, and a stop over to see the Grandparents later, it was 9pm!  By the time we collected the bigs, and got home, it was pushing 10.  Heavens! 

Saturday, we had a super fun birthday party at our favorite farm with some of our favorite peeps. 

Maryn cracks me up, pushing all these big kids by herself!!  Sweetheart!
Sunday, we had another awesome birthday party, which I got zero pictures of.  Seriously disappointed with myself about that.  The boys got to go through the safari near Ashland with the birthday boy and his dad, and are still talking about it.  The girls and I met them all at Cabela's for more party.  What a hoot. 

I was able to convince my brother to let me steal his oldest child for the night, so we brought him home from Omaha with us.  He happens to share a birthday week with Rowen and Maeson, and our daycare buddy Truman.  Obviously, this called for a trip to Lost in Fun to celebrate (Truman's pick, since we went on his actual birthday).  Then to top it off, my sister's kids were able to join us with their aunt Lisa...so it was cousin mayhem.  The Lost in Fun staff actually gave us a party room, which I think was mostly an attempt to contain us.

Reise and Maeson slaved away making this house out of foam.  Then, some (naughty) kid knocked it down (seriously, so rude!).

The birthday boys!  Truman said this was how the 5 yr olds took pictures.  This was after he showed us his super impressive (I'm not kidding) beat box.  I may have howled with laughter, and then sniffed back a tear or two.  He's really getting way too big. 

Reise and Maeson's finished house (version #2).  They are laying on their beds, can you see it?

They worked so hard!  I didn't touch a single piece of foam.  They even had to work out some structural problems with a few of their windows.  I was pretty impressed :)

The entire gang.  What a riot. 

I cannot resist taking pictures of these sweet chickens when they're asleep.  I cannot!  Pretty soon they'll be way too big for naps and they won't let me take their pictures when they're awake.  Maeson actually moved himself down to the bottom of the bed to sleep closer to the cat.  Kind of cracked me up!

Easiest overnight guest, ever.  I tell you, he's pretty much perfection. 

Weekends that include a day before or after, are the best.  Monday felt like a freebie, and I actually woke up Tuesday thinking it was the beginning of the week.  So fun! 

We have a huge weekend of partying coming up for our sweet (almost) 4 year olds.  It's so unbelievable to me, I can't talk about it!  I'm just making food, buying supplies, and not thinking about how big they are.  Boo hooooo!!