"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Friday, April 6, 2012


We used the boys' birthdays as an excuse to get together with our people.  It was loud, semi-chaotic, and pretty much perfect. 

I spent hours upon hours in preparation baking, shopping, gathering, packing, mixing, boiling...and then sat back and did close to nothing the entire night.  My peeps are awesome like that.  They manned craft tables, wiped up spills, moved tables, and brought food

The kids stayed up way too late and ate way too much sugar.  So, basically it was heaven on earth.

When completely assembled, our "small group" consists of 14 adults and 23 kids (...and counting).  Of the 23 kids, 19 of them are age 8 or younger. 

It. Is. A. Riot.

Look out, Sallinger Easter, cookies are coming your way ;)  We had lots of leftovers, and spent a good portion of the afternoon today decorating. 

Rowen doesn't mess around when it comes to frosting.  

PSA: Dollar Tree egg dye kits are pretty fantastic.  I ended up using more than one color tablet per cup, and they came out super bright in no time! 

We assembled the leftover mason jar Easter "baskets" when we got home, and will give them away to our cousins over the weekend.  I thought they turned out really cute, and everyone asked me if I saw it on Pinterest.  I actually don't think I did; I think it was a blog, and I feel bad that I can't remember which one!  These are cute, too (but a little more work).

A special thanks to my cousin Jenny, for holding down the tie-dye shirt making fort in the kitchen!  She is the tie-dye expert, and even brought all the dyes.  It was a huge hit!

I told Ryleigh I was posting this picture, and if she didn't like it maybe she'd smile nicely next time.  Hahahaha!  She's so funny!

Dear Jesus, please lead {at least the majority of} my children through their teen years with as much grace as Lexi.  Amen.

The Big Reveal = the best part.  Every time someone unwrapped a shirt, everyone "oooh'd" and "aaaaah'd". 

We all went home feeling really lucky to be doing life with these people.  Thanks for being our peeps!