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Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Extras

So many pictures, so much fun, so little time to blog.  Here are a bunch of extras from our last weekend of birthday/baby/Easterpalooza.

Baby Owen, just over 12 hours old.  

Ryleigh, at Mahoney state park, patiently waiting for cousins to arrive.  She actually said, "if only I had a book..."  That girl is a crack up.  We went to the library today and Mitch just sent me a text saying, "Everyone's watching the bald eagles on the computer.  Except Ryleigh.  NEW BOOKS."

They are such hams, and they've obviously learned that if they sit still and smile cute it'll be over quicker ;)

Spring is here.  For sure.

That'a girl, Reise.  Show 'em how it's done!

Mitch's sister-in-law mentioned she'd heard of people roasting peeps.  We are officially fans.  Thanks, Lynnette!

I got one picture of my cousin before wild madness broke out in the backyard and human ring toss was happening.  The next morning, no kidding, every single kid asked when he could come back.  Must be nice, being so popular.

Silly string battles.

Silly string battle injury.

That's right.  We may be allowing them to dig to China.  What else were they going to do with that bare spot where their fort used to be?  We took advantage of a nice weather weekend and took it down so we could move it.  They are keeping the dirt they dig out in a very nice pile and will fill it back in before we move.  None of the dirt will have gotten spread out into the yard or anything, and there will be enough to make it level again so the new owners don't get mad about a big hole in their (giant) bare dirt spot.  I'm super certain of this!

Happy weekending out there!