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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cluck. Cluck.

Our chicks have arrived!  This was the view from our deck this morning.  The coop and chicken run are placed strategically behind a low tree and some landscaping grassy stuff (super savvy terminology, I know!) which will probably grow so tall the entire setup will be hard to spot from the house.  This is to keep Mitch from going completely insane. 

Here, the girls are getting used to their new digs.  They're bigger than I thought they'd be, kind of sad we totally missed the little fuzzy yellow chick stage.  Who knows what will happen down the line, my aunt says a person can "rent" a rooster...

We paid the breeder to keep them until they were 6 weeks old, to make absolutely sure we were getting hens.  She referred to them as pullets.  Related: I need a poultry dictionary.  Roosters aren't permitted in the city, and hens actually aren't permitted in our neighborhood.  We like to live on the edge...  Ha!  Actually, we ordered them before we bought this particular house, and then decided to just forge ahead with our plans.  Fingers crossed.

Our next door neighbor, Skeeter, said he couldn't care less about them being in our yard.  Since he's the only one who should really give a care, I'm guessing it won't be a problem.  

Ryleigh is beyond thrilled.  The term, "dream come true" was used a few times. 

I'll have to get better pictures of the awesome hen house my super handy brother-in-law built!  Bless his heart, he is in this thing deeper than he probably imagined he could be.  The first omelet is his!

We have two Sussex (white) and a Black Copper Maran.  They will look like these below when fully grown (pictures from the breeder).

The Sussex with the "lavender" (I think they look grey) tail feathers is Queen Esther because the purple is royal, obviously.

The Black Copper Maran's name is Genesis.  Geni for short.

The Split Sussex has the black tail feathers, and her name is Ruth.  We have a books of the Bible theme going on here, in case that wasn't immediately clear...

Turns out this project has become quite an investment of time and money, so let's all pray they don't become some raccoon's midnight snack anytime soon!  

Cluck Cluck!!