"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras. 

Since I only have six kids right now, and since they're involved in an air-hockey tournament at the moment, and since I just wore myself out setting up and anchoring to the wall 2 enormous bookshelves...

A mid-morning post of random things I hope I don't forget.

See those little cuties in the window, reading books?  So stinking adorable.

Ryleigh took dance at the homeschool co-op this semester, and had an end of the year "performance".  She did great, so proud of my big girl (almost 9!).

I took my two oldest nephews over night last weekend and loved it so much I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing.  Now that we aren't showing our house and whatnot.  Seems like I'm motivated to do things I never did even before we put our old house up for sale, after months of listing off things we "couldn't" do.  So irrational, I know :)

Be still, my heart.  Seven of my absolute favorites, eating donuts, watching "our" geese on the pond!

I fear I have not mentioned "The Chickens" on the blog, here.  Heavens.  We ordered three hens over 2 months ago...and they're coming today.  My super brother-in-law came over to let the kids help him build the coop.  It was a HOOT. 

Reise in her best babysitting outfit.  She smothered Dominick to the death that day.  That boy is a full time job, he's so busy and gets into anything and everything.  Bless my sister.

Mitch's sweeter than sweet grandparents celebrated 65 years of wedded bliss last week. 

They're clearing out some of the goodies they've collected from family over the years.  Grandma said, "if you don't take it, it's going to disappear!" 

I wish I had time to mess with pictures right now, because there are exactly 477 that I haven't looked at since I took them off the camera!  We've got birthday parties this weekend, a fundraiser on Saturday to get ready for, VBS to plan, and did I mention the chickens...??!  I might be blogging from phone pics here for a while yet :)

Rugger and I were writing to each other this morning to practice handwriting (his).  I wrote: "Are you going to help me out today?"  He replied, "Maybe mom.  You never know."  Hahahahaha!!