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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hands down, the best part of this house is the pond.  It was so foggy the other morning, the boys went out to make sure it was still back there because they couldn't see it from the window!

It's been fun, but we're a hot mess.  We don't know two things about fish, tackle or bait.  These kids have poles, and their parents read the back of the box of bobbers for tips.  Tangled lines, near misses with hooks and eyelids, only one family member brave enough to remove hooks from the fish...

Turns out we just needed a few hours this afternoon with my cousin, who happens to know everything about  fish kids ages 8 and under really need to know.  We had some safety lessons and learned how to cast the ice fishing poles I bought on accident.  Hey, I already claimed I know nothing :)

Almost everyone can now at least handle a fish with their hands-Rugger and I can remove hooks.  It's a great start.  The great thing about our pond is the fish are evidently starving.  You have to wait about 37 seconds to get a bite.

This kid carried his fish around like he carries Biggie the rat.  What a riot.

One of the adults may have needed a cerveza.  

Someone caught his first fist EVER, and it happened to be his birthday!

This is how we wash hands when Joseph is in charge!

Ryleigh tried fishing without a bobber and reeled in this giant carp.  (Well, it seemed giant to us!)  She has yet to touch a fish.  Hahaha!  

What a fun afternoon, definitely going down as one of our best yet.  Fishing sure beats unpacking boxes.

Back to it!