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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some things...

will never change.

It's nuts how we've settled into the same routines over here.  Breakfast, play, school, outing, lunch, school, naps, play, dinner, play, bed.  Different location is all that's changed.  Weird, for some reason I expected some earth shattering meltdown of all systems.  Hasn't happened (yet). 

As I type, Rowen and Reise are outside meeting new neighbors and helping Mitch unpack the Uboxes, and my two biggest have been in bed for an hour for disciplinary reasons.  Same ol', same ol' ;) 

Happy early weekending, we have so much fun planned that lots of our unpacking will just have to wait :)


LaoLao & PaoPao said... Best Blogger Tips

What? Two of our favorite Great-Grands are being disciplined? How can that be? Could this be classified as a 'melt-down'? ♥ Lao & Pao