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Friday, June 8, 2012


The girls got to open presents from family, and invite friends over to spend the night last weekend.  They are so big.  6 and 9.  Unreal.

Let's be honest, that bow tie/suspenders combo is way too much.  Add the shoes, and we're clear over the top.

Takin' a break from partying to read a book.  

I'm going to be in trouble for this, but I didn't notice the weird sour face my brother was making until I uploaded, and it's too funny to take down.  Plus, my dad is hilarious.  For real, there's nothing I like more than seeing my family in my house.  Even if the pictures aren't hung on the walls yet and we're not sure what we're doing with the formal dining room area...I love our new space!  

The Sallinger guys fixing our fence.  Dekker is the token Rowe assistant.  Trenton is trying to make it look like he's helping but really he's just searching for a weak spot in the fence to get to the pond.

Ryleigh had some friends spend the night, and then the Sallinger girls went shopping with the girls' birthday money on Ryleigh's big day.  I have no picture evidence save two fairly terrible phone photos.  I actually only took this to distract Reise because Ryleigh was trying to sneak into Claire's to buy some "sisters" necklaces as a surprise.  Such a sweet girl, I tell ya.  Why yes, those are fake glasses.  She's been wanting them for a year and she loves them.  Birthday money is pretty fun :)

This one was to send to Tiffany.  Nice sandal selection, I thought!  I have no idea why her eyes look bugged out.  Sorry, Ry!

Later in the week...
Reise agreed this was probably the best birthday eve she ever had, having all her friends over for burgers and fishing.

I told Rowen to back up.  This is him, backed up.  Don't have nightmares, G'ma.  There was an adult right behind him (hidden by the tree).  

There is something about having all my favorite people together that makes me insanely happy, and birthdays are the perfect excuse to make it happen.

At Reise's birthday request, we rode bikes to the library so the girls could utilize their new bike locks.  Locking and unlocking were successful on all counts.  Just gettin' some stickers on our almost completed summer reading program booklets.

The Sallingers have purchased a pool pass for the first time, ever.  Thanks for the Christmas money, G'pa and G'ma Rowe!  This is pretty significant, because we've never felt like we could get enough use out of a full summer pass before, due to constantly having babies and needing to be home for afternoon naps.  I have never felt so content to not have a baby!  We had an absolute blast, and I see us becoming pool rats by the end of the season!  What a super fun birthday activity.

This zero-entry pool is so wonderful for us.  I can sit at the edge if I want and instruct my smallest four to stay on this side of the red line.  The big kids can touch all the way to the rope halfway across the pool.  I'm working on my tan as I throw imaginary dog bones to my pretend puppies, or fish to my pretend penguins...  Everyone is happy. 

We were there when the pool was officially at capacity, which was a great way for me to know that it will never be busier than it was when we were there.  Also a great note to self to arrive early:)  I felt really comfortable letting everyone play, knowing they were well supervised.  Glory!  Summer has never felt so free. 

Our hair lady (and great friend!) was able to squeeze all three of us girls in for cuts in the evening on Reise's actual birthday.  Pretty sure the birthday girl was thrilled, she loves "Kaffy"!  Kaffy even had a birthday cookie for her, what a treat!

It's so fun to celebrate, and we partied hard this week!  Can we say vanilla rum and coke zero followed by 8pm bedtime?  For ME, that is!! :)  

My big NINE year old is headed off to church camp next week, and I can hardly stand it.  We'll be doing some shopping and packing this weekend.  She has instructed me NOT to send any letters.  That would be overly embarrassing, because she heard from her friend that campers are required to sing or dance in front of everyone to receive their mail.  Sniff, sniff.  She's getting super big.  Rugger has his first coach-pitch baseball game Sunday.  His dad is the coach-pitcher, have I mentioned this?  I cannot WAIT to see both of them in action.  We might throw a pool visit in for good measure ;)

Happy Weekending to you!!


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Stef said... Best Blogger Tips

Camp? She's going camping for a week? Oh my goodness, she is So Big. My anxiety just tripled in anticipation. Also, I'm beginning to feel that the afternoon nap is a double edge sword. I _love_ it. Really love the 30-45 minutes of overlapping quietness I get around the house and I love that Dekker is at an age where a 90 minute nap means he can stay up super late without melting down. But, I think of all the fun things we could go and do all afternoon and I feel kinda home-bound. At least we have great neighbors and fun things to do around the house, or in the 90 minute window we have between morning nap/lunch/afternoon nap. I used to think life with no naps would be awful, but I'm starting to see the other side and that is a good feeling. I can't decide what to do with our pool money thanks to said nap issue combined with the surgery/open wound fiasco. In the future I'm going to look into Prairie Life. Their pool opens up first thing in the AM, is super clean, just down the street, and kid friendly. Sorry for the diary entry. Have a great weekend. Sounds fun.