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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Shandy.

I cannot handle beer.  Lord knows I've tried to acquire a taste for it, but it just isn't happening.  I feel the same way about wine.  Why do I keep trying when there are so many other delicious options?  It just. tastes. so. bad. 

Enter the Summer Shandy.  Possibly my gateway to beer.  Mitch says it's not really beer but I'm counting it, what with the brown bottle and all.

So, anyway, this happened on my deck the other night while I was enjoying my "beer".

Homemade bird feeders, with my Aunt Nan and Cousin Joseph.  An idea out of a book he bought at a garage sale with items he rescued from the recycle pile.  So many things about this that I love.

Shut the front door.  The cuteness of it all!  Rowen was sharing some pretend food with Nan, and she really made his night by playing along.  I love them both!

I have two words to explain Reise's fake fingernails: Birthday Money.  

Adorable, right!?  Such an easy project.  Especially easy for me since I did nothing but sit in my folding chair and take pictures.  My gosh I love my family and the way they share life with my kids.

Here's to summer fun!


Tori Kyncl said... Best Blogger Tips

try that brand, berry.... amazing.. not beerish at all :)