"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This and That.

Our JDRF benefit garage sale was a huge success.  We sold a LOT.  Huge thanks to everyone who donated such great quality items for us to sell!  Since we didn't even have an official garage sale plan until about two weeks ago, we were all pretty shocked to bring in over $800.  Combined with the hotdog sales at the Shrine parade a few weeks ago, we're sitting at $945.  I still have a few bigger items to post on craigslist, and if those sell we'll hit Ryleigh's goal of $1000, easily.  Whew!  Feels so good to be done with that.  I feel like I heard a big fat "CHECK" at about 4pm on Saturday :)  Of course the leftovers are still sitting in the garage, but we hadn't been parking in the anyway.  Ha!

Rowen, eating his donut under a table to stay out of the rain.  First year we've had that happen. Holy torrential downpour. 

Mitch, his parents and I hit up a Cardinals game on Sunday.  Super awesome seats.  Such a fun (hot!) day.

The last Jazz in June this year.  

Reise was madder than a hornet by the end of the night when she was dragging her chair, baby, blanket, and a backpack through downtown Lincoln wearing her Heelys.  Notice here she's sans chair and backpack thanks to her compassionate siblings.  Her parents, who warned her about this, weren't so helpful.  Life's hard when you're six.  

Ryleigh is hiding her book here, because that's all I ever do is take pictures of her reading.  Well, that's because that's all she ever does!  And, Rugger is always running somewhere, so I never take pictures of him, period.  

I feel like this was a really random depiction of the last several days over here :)  I'm just sitting around here thinking of things to do while checking my phone obsessively for news from my brother.  Please pray for his son, Tucker's big surgery today.  If you haven't heard about him (unlikely, since all of you are probably relatives! ha!) you can read my sister-in-law's blog, here