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Monday, July 2, 2012


We camped every single weekend of the summer and fall when I was growing up.  At least, that's how I remember it.  I remember going to nearby campsites weekly, and one big trip per year to Colorado for a week long camping vacation with friends.  We always slept in tents, always had several hundred cans of Shasta on hand, and we ate sugar cereal for breakfast and Cheetos the rest of the day to our heart's content. 

I recall once catching a fly as big as a bird, and once my dad trapping a huge, ferocious, poisonous snake in a trash bag and setting it free in the jungle.  OK-so I'm exaggerating that last bit...

Aren't memories weird?  I can't wait to find out what my kids actually remember from their childhood.  Here's to creating opportunities for some awesome memories:

Camping with friends.  

I love seeing this mess of kids and parents so much, I have no words.  It's. So. Fun. 

Duct tape creations.  (Big hit, Driewers.)

So genius, the sticks made into duct tape guns.  Hilarious!

No words, here again.  

Not sure what happened down there by the water, because the dads took the kids while the moms stood around and discussed VBS and whoknowswhatelse.  No one fell in, that's all we heard :)

Rugger is seriously the sweetest thing.  Made his friend Hallie a s'more with her burnt to a crisp marshmallow.  He worked on that sandwich really hard!


"Can we change shoes!??" 

Natural consequences, anyone?  I'm so mean.


Please, God.  Return before they're all teenagers.  Or, send a money tree to pay for their food and the damage they'll surely cause to every place we go.  Amen.

Reise with Mr. Patient AKA Mr. Energy. 

So, ask me how many craigslist ads I've sent to Mitch today?  I've got my eye on a 1971 Starcraft Pop-Up! ;)  Thanks to the Frenzels, we spent the nights in cool a/c.  Really, the only way to go in my opinion.  After the great tent/storm fiasco of 2011...I'm not sure these Sallingers are fit for any other kind of camping.  (I'm in tears looking back at those pictures from last summer, what a blast we had.  Wouldn't change any of it!)

Too many fun things, and not enough pictures.  Good friends, fun kids, great weekend!


Katieabateman said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this post! What a fun time (even if it was camping!) :) You are such a great mom...and appreciate all of your huge blessings! ox

Marcyrowe said... Best Blogger Tips

You do crack me up!! Great pictures - hope you get that camper one day.
PS - You are soooo right about the Cheetos.