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Friday, July 20, 2012

Phone Photo Friday

It's been a while ;)  I've still got Ryleigh's baptism, and some fishing fun in drafts, maybe next week?  Ha!  Best laid plans...

My cousin and his girlfriend picked up my bigs for an evening (turned night) of fun.  I went to bed before they got home (seriously, I go to bed earlier than my grandparents).  The first thing Rugger said the next morning?  "Amy is a fun mom.  She actually goes under the water when she swims.  She gets her hair wet and everything."  (Side note-she's actually not a mom, just an adult.  Rugger uses those terms interchangeably!)

Thanks, Amy.  Thanks, a lot.

No, really :)  They had a blast.

They used Joseph's camping gear to make a refreshing beverage.  No lie, that's what Rugger called it.  Ryleigh agreed, it was refreshing!  Honey, mint leaves they picked themselves, sugar, and that's as far as I got.

They rode in the back of his truck.  No seatbelts.  Kind of a big deal!

Mulberry picking. 

They added the berries to greek yogurt for a snack.  Pretty fun stuff!

Pictures that have been sitting on my phone from the beginning of June!  The Shrine parade in Havelock.  We served up hotdogs, pop and chips for a donation to JDRF.  We ended up raising $125 with that event, and it was pretty fun.  Success! 

So gross.  My awesome and funny (HI, SKEETER!) neighbor (who happens to be my newest Facebook friend, we'll see if he reads this!) gave me this extremely expired watermelon in June sometime.  I could look up the date on the picture but I'm way too lazy busy for that.  The date on it was April 23.  So. Nasty.  He thought our hens would like to peck at it.  Anyway, our birds are way too high class for moldy, rotten watermelon.  They knew better and didn't touch it.  ;)  It's the thought that counts, right?  I love that he thought of our girls out back!  It's fun to have good neighbors.

Livin' the dream.  These chickens are tanned and bleached blonde from all the sun and swimming we've been doing.  It's probably the most blissful summer we've had, ever.   For certain it's the best summer we've had post-kids.  No joke.  It feels so good to be able to get out and do summer things like chill at the pool.

The cookie my brother-in-law brought me after I gave him a coupon that was free to me.  If anyone comes across any Lowes or Home Depot coupons, send them my way.  I will collect the cookies and share :) HAHA! 

Children's Museum trips-always a huge hit.

Rugger was calling this set-up "King of the Jews"...and Ryleigh was throwing a FIT thinking it was so disrespectful to Jesus.  After a few minutes of back and forth, we all realized he was saying "King of the Juice".  Get it?!  Wow!!

We finally made it to the sprayground this week, to help celebrate our cousin Dailee's birthday.  What a blast!  I happened to call my sister as she was driving through Starbucks (score!) and then she happened to park next to us on the street.  I love seeing all these hilarious kids marching down the sidewalk like they're in a parade.  So funny!!

Reise and Ryleigh had matching swim suits when they were 2 and 5.  We found the "2" suit in the garage sale pile and rescued it for The Baby to wear...then Reise squeezed herself into the "5" so they could match.  Stinking adorable!

If someone mistakenly thought they were sisters, Reise would be completely fine with it!

I've been doing some research on sunscreens, since we've used so dang much this summer.  Here's a blog I think has really good info!  I've decided to compromise and use the expensive stuff (zinc oxide/titanium dioxide) on their faces and the cheap(er) stuff everywhere else.  This is my possibly irrational thinking: use the pure, expensive zinc/titanium on their faces-less chemicals on the thin skin close to their brains.  So, that's why they all have pale faces with white eyebrows ;)  A bonus is that it doesn't run and get into their eyes and sting.

Happy Weekending!  At least it's not super hot, right? ;)  We'll be using our pool pass!


Elisha said... Best Blogger Tips

king of the Jews... love it. that watermelon.... wow... i have some sitting in my fridge and eat on it often bc the points value is so low for weight watchers... think you DESTROYED my appetite for any more.

Amy F said... Best Blogger Tips

The "mom" comment cracks me up!!! I remember being a kid and I thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever when my mom would get in the pool with us on vacation and swim!! :)

We had SO much fun that night...hopefully we'll go back out soon. Joe says plums out there will be ready for harvesting soon!