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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swim Team.

At the beginning of the summer, we signed Ryleigh up for swim team never anticipating she'd actually compete.  She wasn't interested in competing, couldn't swim well enough to compete, and just wanted to get some extra practice and have some fun.

Last week she left Bible school early on Tuesday to go to swim team practice, and came home saying her coach had signed her up for the last meet of the season.  Oh!  When is it!??  Tomorrow night??  So, I called the coach, got all the details, and off we went to the Highlands Hammerheads' very last swim meet of the 2012 season.

Boy, howdy!  I took her into the pool because I didn't know what I was doing, and was very quickly shoo'ed out to the outside of the fence by a "coach" who looked like he was about 14.  Oh, honey.  He looked at me like I had two heads for being inside the fence.  Look here, sonny...

Her (adult) head coach (whose name happens to be Becky) said, "she will probably finish last, she's pretty slow, but that is perfectly OK.  I would love for her to compete once this year just to get her feet wet.  Then she can start next year already knowing how meets work and concentrate on getting faster."  Horray for Becky!!  So happy she took it upon herself to sign my girl up.  It takes a village, you know?  I love it when I actually feel like someone cares enough about my kid to pick up my slack.  I would have never thought to throw her into a meet this summer!  A month ago she couldn't even swim the length of the pool without stopping. 

She swam the backstroke (finished last, but not by that much), the freestyle (finished last), and the freestyle relay (finished last and cried because she knew she had slowed the whole team down).  She did it, tho, and was very proud of herself for finishing.  I think she's pretty realistic about her abilities.  She knows she's got a lot of work to do, but she's confident she'll get there!

She's official, and has the t-shirt to prove it.  Thanks to Jackson (the teenager who hand-motioned me out of the pool area) for sharing his extra goggles.  Evidently she'd been borrowing his all month and didn't say anything to me about it!  Sometimes I think she's a little too low maintenance.  She owns goggles, but,

"mom, they are from Target and actually...."

*pause, trying to decide if what she's about to say is going to hurt my feelings*

"...they leak."

"For the love of the land, Ryleigh!  Just tell me you need better goggles!"

Good golly I love her.

We packed lots of snacks, at the suggestion of coach Becky.  (I'm her biggest fan, seriously!) 

This is what little brothers and sisters do during 3-hour swim meets. 

I decided I could really get into this sport.  Pack your cooler, bring your lawn chairs, and make sure your phone battery is fully charged.  If your kid is in three events that take about 2 minutes each, and the meet lasts 3 hours...you can do the math and determine how much free time you'll have to catch up on facebook and text your brother. 

It was such a fun experience, thanks to coach Becky for the push, Jackson for the goggles, and G'ma and G'pa for the Dairy Queen afterward.  :)