"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Oh, VBS.  You were a beast!  I mean that in the kindest way, of course.

We had a great week in Babylon.  Back in Lincoln, I had my first bit of "spare time" in what felt like months last night.  So, am I sad it's over?  No.  Happy I agreed to co-direct this year?  Most definitely.  Would I do it over again?  Probbbbbably.  Will I do it again next year?  I can't process that right now!

The best parts of the week for me were watching my kids, along with 230 of their closest friends, learn new worship songs.  They all got into it, even the little boys.  Watching them on Sunday morning performing for the church services, I could hardly contain myself over the cuteness. 

Oh my word, those little cutie pies.  It's also really incredible when they do their memory verses.  "I will never for-save you..." (forsake!) and they nod their heads up and down with every word.  It's too much.

It really was a great week.  We were blessed by over 100 volunteers.  One HUNDRED people giving up their time and using their talents to put on a week of fun and learning for our kids.  Pretty amazing.  Loved seeing all my best buddies every day, and made some new BFFs while I was at it.  If you're going to spend hours upon hours making decisions, running copies, cutting fleece, returning phone calls, and gathering craft supplies...you best be doing it with some fun people.  We had that covered this year!

I'm hoping to be a blogging maniac this week to get caught up before the next round of crazy comes.  And, you know it'll come!  Ryleigh's first swim meet, The Color Run, Ryleigh's baptism, a morning fishing playdate with friends, and hopefully a long overdue Phone Photo Friday.  I love my online "scrapbook" blog :)

And, in case you mistakingly thought we lounged around during our "spare time" last night...behold, my front porch. 

The Vietnam Vetrans Association and I must have had a miscommunication about today's arranged pickup.  They said they'd be in my neighborhood looking for the yellow bags on Tuesday, July 17.  Do you see the bag!??  I put a call in, fingers crossed that they want my stuff.  And by my stuff I really mean, the leftover donations from the JDRF garage sale that have been sitting in my garage waiting for July 17 to roll around!  Here's hoping they come tomorrow; the minivan really enjoyed her spot in the garage last night! :)