"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, August 13, 2012


There's definitely a difference between a vacation and a trip.  On a vacation a person relaxes.  On a trip a person still has to parent their children, plan meals, clean up messes, and be responsible.  This was a trip.  I'm not even saying one is necessarily better than the other (never mind, shut up, a vacation is always going to be better).   

Now that we're clear...

Our trip involved a lot of fun.

Sallinger Olympics

Classic Uncle Mike, "why is everyone picking on me?" face ;)

The kids saved their Christmas money from Lao and Pao so they could do something extra fun on our trip.  Horseback riding for the biggest three!

I do not enjoy large bodies of water so murky you can't see more than a few inches below the surface.  I have nightmares about my kids drowning, and possibly as important, I'm disturbed by the unidentifiable goo at the bottom.  Mud?  Poop?  Gag me.  It's a sacrifice for me to wade out and help with supervision.  

We watched as a storm literally blew up the river towards us.  It was pretty cool!

The caravan towards the buffalo tour.  If you're ever near Niobrara, Nebraska, we'd recommend it.  I didn't realize we'd actually get to feed the buffalo from our hands into their actual mouths.  What?!!

We fed elk, too.  Elk are impressive, but nothing like buffalo.  

BUFFALO!  What the huge?  "Do not touch the buffalo.  Shove the corn into their mouths and then bring your hand back in."  Come again?  Do NOT touch the buffalo?  Really!!!??  No wonder Ryleigh was petrified.

Evidently if you touch the buffalo, they will ram the wagon.  Go ahead and picture that in your mind!

So pretty! 

Glad, at this moment, that we had sacrificed the space to haul five kids' bikes with us.  Worth it!

Seven Sallinger Shadows.

Rowen, placed in a time-out for disobeying, forced to let me take pictures of him because he wasn't allowed to move.  Torture.  Worse than regular time-out. 

See how miserable he was? 

Fun Aunt Misty with the glow bracelets.  See how fun she is?  Smiling and everything!? 

Random last minute stop in Winnetoon, NE.  By "last minute" I mean we actually found out about it as we passed it and decided to go back.  

Rugger really got a kick out of the teeter totter.

Lunch on the way home...

...going a little nuts waiting for our food.

We definitely had some fun. 

I wish I had purchased a t-shirt that said, "I went to the Niobrara River and all I brought home was WEST NILE VIRUS".  Evidently the mosquitos up in those there northern parts are particularly vicious.  One article I read on the google said "transmitted from mosquitoes that have fed on infected birds."  OH MY GAG.  I swear I'm going to milk my West Nile for all it's worth.  If I forget something, feel like taking a nap instead of doing laundry, or can't quite make it through the dinner dishes...I'm going to blame my West Nile.  The doctor said to expect to feel tired and stiff for at least another month.  Advil makes the stiff go away, so it's really just the tired I'll have to deal with.  Oh, and the unsightly rash.  She didn't say how long to expect that to stick around.  I need a t-shirt for my rash.  "Stop looking at my West Nile".

Hey, like I said, it was a trip.  I might be mad if I got West Nile from a vacation, but a trip?  One expects there to be a few mishaps :)

Happy 35th Anniversary to Mitch's parents, thanks for letting us tag along to celebrate with you!