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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Science Class

Also known as "Fun Mornings at the Zoo" and "Adventures With Backyard Wildlife".

Fun Mornings at the Zoo...

Look at our little twinners!  A note to Aunt Tiff:  Next time we hang out, please ask Trenton to wear his white shoes with the blue stripes like mine.  Thank you!  Love, Rowen.  I think they look more like brothers than any of our other boys do, but they're actually cousins.  One of my favorite stories about them happened at Trent's first birthday party.  Both boys were crawling around in diapers, and neither of the grandmas could tell them apart.  No lie.  The grandpa couldn't figure it out, either.  They'd pick up one baby and look him straight in the face, then collectively try to figure out which one he was, and got it wrong over and over throughout the night.  Very entertaining!! 

"Mom, look at my hair bow!"  Actually more realistically, "MOM, LOOK AT MY HAIR BOW!!!"  For the love of the land.  That boy has one volume, and it's LOUD.

See the butterfly on Alece's hand? 

This week I suggested the bigs take their creative writing notebooks and record some interesting information about a few of their favorite animals, just for fun.  Of course the littles don't want to be left out.  I absolutely cracked up when I caught them studying the displays and writing in their books.  They kill me!! 

Who's got two thumbs and won a couple train tickets playing "Feed That Fish" (the world's only live action penguin game show...!!!)???  That's right.  This gal!  I was keeping track of 3 or 4 kids' penguins and completely lost track well before it was over.  Threw out some absolutely random guesses and got 2 out of 3 correct!  Cha-Ching!  Ryleigh paid very close attention and won herself a ticket.  That's a $3 value per ticket, folks.  Oh, yes.  We'll be riding the ZO & O Railroad here soon.

September really snuck up on me, and before I know it mid-October will have come and gone so I'm determined to get to the zoo as many times as possible between now and then!

Coming next, "Adventures With Backyard Wildlife" ;)

Happy Weekending!