"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Falling Fast.

It seems like about this time every year, further along into the transition from blazing hot summer to snow and ice, I feel a panic to fit in everything I want to do before the weather and holidays take control of my schedule.  For example, this week it was MUST go fishing one last time!  Must carve our pumpkins, must make fall crafts, need to bake a bazillion fallish items because pretty soon it'll be Christmas which always comes and goes too quickly and I won't have time...and (!!!!!!!!!!)  Can you feel the internal screaming that is happening in my head?  Why do I panic?  It's because I'm emotionally unstable.  There.  I've summed it up for you. 

It's irrational and ridiculous.  I hate feeling like I can't just spontaneously enjoy time because I'm too busy making sure I use it wisely and most efficiently since I'm so dang panicked it's passing by faster and faster the older I get.  It's a viscous and neverending cycle.  SO!  I had my sister and brother and ALL their boys over for an impromptu lunch this weekend.  Doing things spur of the moment makes me feel like I'm stealing time, and I am a big fan of tricking my unstable self into believe I've stolen a few hours.  :)

There's something about having all my little favorites under my roof eating at my table that just slays me.  SLAYS. 

No, my brother did not step in an enormous pile of hot steaming pooh.  I can see why you'd think that, but actually he's just making that face to be funny. 

Just floating some homemade boats is all, no biggie :)

We haven't done nearly the number of crafts this school year that we've done in the past.  I'm blaming the ages and personalities of the kids I have right now.  I feel like the boys really couldn't care less about crafts, and the big kids are kind of "over" them...however, I discovered that if it's edible everyone is suddenly interested! 

These pretzel webs were SUPER easy.  That's melted almond bark in the icing bag.  It's a little tricky to clean out if you forget about it and the bark hardens with the coupler still in the bag.  That's a free tip from me to you :)

This picture really sums up what was happening here.  Classic Reise quote of the night, *insert huge dramatic yet sincere sigh* "I wish I was a boy so I could get all messy like that.  I just can't do it, so dad will have to." 

Completely unrelated to anything, except that I want to remember it forever and someday I'll browse through these old posts and this will be here and make me laugh hard:  Rowen said to me in the van this weekend, "Deer don't poop eggs.  They just poop plain old live babies with no shell."  (At this point I decided maybe I should have reconsidered letting him watch the youtube video of the giraffe giving birth.)   

Fall is quickly coming to an end.  I see Thanksgiving just around the bend.  I will not panic.  If I can convince Mitch to help me, I might even put our tree up this weekend just to give myself some extra time for Christmas this year.  Why not? 

I've got five kids really excited to dress up and trick-or-treat tomorrow.  They've been counting down the days!  Here's hoping for a good Snickers harvest this year ;)


Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Pic Pics

I think Rowen is the one who started saying "pic pic" instead of picture.  Like as in, "mom, come take my pic pic".  Don't mind if I do!

If the kids start smiling all fake-y fakerson, I usually ask them to do UGLY FACE!!!! and then immediately following we are back in business with real smiles.  Works almost every time.  Definitely works better than me saying, "c'mon, use your real smiles" which works 4% of the time and usually leads to someone crying.  "This IS my real smile!  You just don't like my real smile! *CRY CRY CRY!!!*"  No.  That method is extremely counterproductive.  I mean, I've heard this.  Not that this has ever happened at one of our photo shoots before.  NEVER.

Turns out the silly face pic pics usually end up being my favorites.  They're a funny crew.

Yep, his zipper's half-way down.  Don't care, love it anyway.

I mean, seriously.  How can you not laugh out loud at that!??

It was a pretty fun way to spend a couple hours on a beautiful Sunday.  New pictures for the mantel-check!

Laundry Box

Sorry to those of you who get these posts sent to your inbox...*this is a test*.  I'm posting this laundry box by itself in its own post so I can try pinning it to my neglected Pinterest board.

I converted an old toy box into a laundry sorter to hide the messy piles and plastic baskets I was using before.

Three separate bags so I can sort whites, colors, and darks.

I made my hanging bags out of t-shirts.  Two size XL shirts make a large enough bag to hold one large load of laundry.

I used ceiling hooks on the inside of the box to hang the bags-a box of 8 was less than $4 at ACE.

I love anything that helps hide clutter!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Lurrrrve.

I'm in a livin'-for-the-weekend phase of life right now.  It's not that I hate my life during the week, which I assume is fully understood by everyone (but somehow feel the need to state it anyway).  I don't hate the week.  I just LOVE the weekend.  My weeks this year so far have been so full, busy, rewarding, and exhausting with parenting, homeschool, a very young daycare crew, livestock management, and the list goes on and on like every other mother's list does ;) ...and the weekends around here lately have been so dang fabulous.

I jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon last week and might be currently addicted to Instagram.  FYI.

We hung that heavy mirror on Saturday, using some flush wall mount thingies I found at Ace.  I'm nervous it isn't going to hold, but so far it's stayed up.  The package didn't specify a weight limit and only half the screws made it into the stud because the piece was just too wide.  If it falls, the worst that will happen is the furniture will be damaged.  This is why it isn't hanging over the bed ;)

I also finished that second chest of drawers, which I think looks pretty awesome.  It makes the room look completely different!  Once again, I'm left thinking I should have done it sooner.  Does anyone have an opinion on that wall color combo?  We are painfully undecided about it.  It's the Kentucky Bluegrass that we used in the master bathroom, and it matches the sheets...so I thought it would be a good accent and a way to tie everything together...but I'm not sure.

I got my laundry box finished and I couldn't be happier so far with how it turned out!  Time will tell if we need a tweak or two.  It doesn't really make anything easier...it just hides the mess.  I am sick to death of multiple ugly plastic laundry baskets taking up space in my bedroom.

There are three bags hanging on hooks inside, so you can sort it as you go which should save a bit of time.  Our method up until now has been to dump everything into one basket (stored in our bedroom), haul it downstairs, and sort it before it went into the machine.  This has actually worked fine since the kids haul laundry down daily and I have enough to do several loads per day, and it stays relatively caught up.  

The bags are made from two size XL t-shirts and they hold at least one load of laundry each.  I channeled my inner Marcy to make the bags.  She suggested using t-shirts after I told her I was going to buy canvas.  Such a genius idea.  We have leftover JDRF shirts that I can't bring myself to throw/give away.

I even used scraps to make the hooks so the bags were completely free.

I stole bought the wooden box off Linconsign for $10 (thanks, Phyllis!!) and painted it white to match our "new" bedroom furniture.  The metal ceiling hooks were less than $4 at Ace.

The finished product-looks just like a window bench or something, and you'd never know it was full of dirty laundry.  Definitely less cluttered feeling than the laundry basket "situation" we had going on before! Yay!  For times when the laundry isn't caught up, I'll have to use my wicker basket for overflow.  We'll see how it goes ;)

After a fun Sunday afternoon of photo-shooting while DJ Steele caught up on sleep (fun means no one cried or yelled and we got great pictures!), we checked a fall must-do off the list.

A sneak peek at the fruits of my labor ;)  HA!!!  What a bunch.

The kids are completely exhausted which works out great today since Mitch napped and the Cardinals will be kicking some Giants you-know-what at 7:30p.  I see early bedtimes, Chinese take-out and some relaxation with my main squeeze and my Cardinals on the agenda to finish off this weekend!  See what I'm saying?  I just lurrrrve me a good weekend, holla!