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Friday, October 19, 2012


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras. 

I think I started this post 10 days ago...I'm so behind!

We now have two hens laying every single day, but as you can see we're still buying eggs from the store.  You would know this if you lived here because those eggs in that picture there are "real" eggs (white).  The eggs we get out of our backyard are considered "chicken eggs".  Store eggs are "real eggs".  We're so city.

Checking the coop for eggs is everyone's favorite chore!  The white chickens lay a light brown/tan egg like Maeson is holding.  The black gal lays a dark chocolate brown egg.  We recently found a HUGE egg from the black hen, so big it wouldn't fit in the carton.

Firefighters at the library!

I think it's so genius of them to show the kids what a firefighter looks and sounds like in all their gear.  They sound like Darth Vader!  I could easily see how a kid would be terrified if this masked, scary sounding monster was trying to get them in a smokey room.  They make a big deal about how important it is to never hide during a fire.  The kids practiced yelling and waving their hands so the firefighter could find them. 

Rowen watched that lady put that get-up on, and he was still super nervous about it.  See him holding Titus's foot?  They eventually scooted over to her holding hands the entire time.  They are sweet buddies.

Rugger loved the presentation at the truck, outside.  He asked all kinds of really thoughtful questions, which the guys were great about answering.  A very fun and informative morning for everyone!

It's fall, if the tree outside our school room window has anything to say about it!  Love this time of year.

Just taking some notes, no big deal. 

This guy is shockingly good at entertaining himself relatively quietly during "school".

We need new pictures of the kids above our mantle...working on it!  I've got my fingers crossed for good weather this weekend so we can get some outdoor photos.  The trees are beautiful right now, and hopefully the wind doesn't strip ALL the leaves before Saturday!

These guys gave us an evening of free entertainment the other night.  It was way too cold to be playing water games, and that water is way too gross to be playing in.  Very funny!

We made a lightening-quick trip to Beatrice one afternoon this week to visit Grandpa and Grandma Buss.  Fun memories!

The big kids love to read mysteries (Box Car Children, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys...) and they would just DIE if they could find a secret passage or hidden staircase or haunted attic or for the love of all things holy a trap door!  They tried really hard in Grandma's basement.  They did find something.  I wasn't down there but I heard some screaming and they said Grandma tricked them ;)

I'm working on a family tree picture wall in our living room...so I need current pictures.  Beware, family.  I'm coming for you.  Don't they look great?

I am finally tackling this house.  Room by room, we are painting and replacing all the outlets and light switches.  Next up, curtains!  Last weekend we painted our bedroom and bathroom, and I started working on the furniture.  We inherited our bedroom set from Mitch's aunt (I think? I could be wrong on who's it was originally.  It's a very sturdy set, just dated.) and I've wanted to paint it for years.  Why didn't I do it sooner?  Same reason I don't do anything sooner.  It always seems like a bigger job than it ends up being.

I'm in LOVE.  Our bedroom went from glossy yellow to flat/satin grey/Kentucky Bluegrass.  It's dark, but eventually I'd like to get a bigger ceiling fan/light in there so it will brighten things up.  Also, since the furniture is white now (whoo!) it doesn't seem dark dark dark everywhere you look.

Here is a picture of the dresser I haven't painted yet, so you can see the style of the set.

Here is the dresser I finished this week while we watched the Cards win baseball games ;)

I love that Kentucky Bluegrass color!

While I was at it, I spraypainted the light fixture cover and the towel racks.

Before-brass fixture, peachy/brown walls.

Peachy/brown walls with chrome towel racks!

After:  A bit hard to see.  Trust me, it looks so much better!  I still haven't replaced that bulb.  Weird how it seems like too much work.

Painted the headboard, and the mirror that goes to the dresser, also.  I haven't figured out how to hang the mirror.  That sucker is HEAVY...and I don't really want to attach it to the dresser, I'd really rather it be on the wall.  I'll come up with a method.  Mitch was too tired to deal with it last night and suggested I sleep on it and come up with a brilliant plan.  Oh, it'll be brilliant, don't you worry!

So, anyway, all this lead to me having something of a hangover by Tuesday night and I haven't done much since.  I'm working on a laundry box too, that I hope will be amazing.  If it's not, I won't post any pictures and you can just pretend I never mentioned it :)

Happy Weekending!


Amy Miles said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the wall colors! I am a HUGE fan of that shade of blue. And the furniture turned out great. Funny how something so dated can look so modern with just paint. You'd pay big bucks for a white furniture set nowaways and it'd probably be a piece of junk! :)

christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

I also have some home improvement / decorating projects that I've been putting off for too long - just seems like a lot of work right now! But you're inspiring me... :-)

Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

How in the world do you accomplish so much? "Wonder-Woman" for sure. Love ya, Lao

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all, I need to get back into the library storytimes! I'm bummed we missed the firemen. I think that the kids need to see them suited up.
Second, I can't believe the difference in that dresser! It looks AWESOME! Now i'm thinking of painting the kids'....hmmmm

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

And Grandma and Grandpa do look great!

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all, I need to get back into the library storytimes! I'm bummed we missed the firemen. I think that the kids need to see them suited up.
Second, I can't believe the difference in that dresser! It looks AWESOME! Now i'm thinking of painting the kids'....hmmmm

If These Walls Spoke... said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for all the encourage-a-grams, ladies :) You're so much fun to share with!