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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Pic Pics

I think Rowen is the one who started saying "pic pic" instead of picture.  Like as in, "mom, come take my pic pic".  Don't mind if I do!

If the kids start smiling all fake-y fakerson, I usually ask them to do UGLY FACE!!!! and then immediately following we are back in business with real smiles.  Works almost every time.  Definitely works better than me saying, "c'mon, use your real smiles" which works 4% of the time and usually leads to someone crying.  "This IS my real smile!  You just don't like my real smile! *CRY CRY CRY!!!*"  No.  That method is extremely counterproductive.  I mean, I've heard this.  Not that this has ever happened at one of our photo shoots before.  NEVER.

Turns out the silly face pic pics usually end up being my favorites.  They're a funny crew.

Yep, his zipper's half-way down.  Don't care, love it anyway.

I mean, seriously.  How can you not laugh out loud at that!??

It was a pretty fun way to spend a couple hours on a beautiful Sunday.  New pictures for the mantel-check!