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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Mix.

Personally, I love a good weekend of gettin' stuff done mixed with long stretches of fun and little stretches of doing nothing.  This last weekend was particularly awesome with just the correct mixture. 

Got plenty done: Infant CPR and First Aid Certification-CHECK.  Garage cleaned out-CHECK.  Five kids' Halloween costumes all but finished-CHECK.  Groceries, laundry handled-CHECK.

Fun: Take kids to pick out pumpkins-CHECK.  Take an obnoxious number of photos of their new appliqued hoodies-CHECK.

We hit up a new pumpkin patch this year.  My review?  Glad you asked.  Definitely a great value.  After mentioning the website, we all got in for $5/person...which included any pumpkin we wanted.  It was not the biggest, and they didn't have the largest selection.  However, for $35, we played for 3 hours and went home with 7 pumpkins.  We'd go back.

My gosh I love these kids.

Mitch and I stood there for a good while dying of laughter, trying to decide when to shut this thing down.  It was so funny!  Maybe a little dangerous.  I wish I had taken video of Reise laughing every time she launched herself up in the air. 

End a full day with doing nothing-CHECK.

I couldn't love this cool weather any more than I do, and that fireplace will see plenty of action this winter!


Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the hoodies! Did you make them? Do share your tutorial. :)