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Sunday, November 11, 2012


We've kept the kids' bikes stored in the back of the white van for over a week now, just in case we end up with an extra 30 minutes here or there and can stop to do some BMXing.  The weather turned cold today, so our bike riding days might be over for a while!

Since Rowen just learned to ride his tiny bike without training wheels, it shocks me that he can keep himself upright on those dirt hills.  He hasn't wrecked yet!  I think the key is that he can hop off the back if he needs to and still keep both hands on the handlebar.  So, if he gets to a hill that's too steep to get all the way up by pedaling, he just hops off and runs the bike the rest of the way up.  It's way too hysterical.  The Donald Duck bike helmet is killing me. 

Ryleigh can now officially ride the entire track without stopping.  She's not one to throw caution to the wind, and it took her a long time to attempt those bigger hills.  Loved watching her accomplish that one on her own!

Reise is absolutely fearless.  She is the biggest Diva/Princess/Tomboy I've ever seen.  I actually didn't realize one girl could have such diverse interests.  It makes Ryleigh crazy.  She likes things neat and tidy, predictable, simple...and that just does not describe her sister in any way. I LOVE IT.

Maeson might be using training wheels, but he isn't about to be left out of the action ;)

We might leave those bikes in the van for another week or two, you just never know when a random nice day will show up in good ol' Nebraska!