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Friday, November 16, 2012

Etc. Phone Photo Friday Version

A bit of the random goings on over here.  I'm pretty sure I forgot to post a link to my post about our BMX fun last weekend, so you can click HERE to see that.

Reise, Maeson and Rowen doing puzzles in PJs after baths by the Christmas tree before bed one weeknight last week.  During moments like these it just feels like all is right in the world.

Working on a quilt that Gramma Rowe gave us the fabric for over a year ago.  Finally, we have a place to leave the sewing machine out for extended periods of time.  Related: love our new house!

Poor Rowen missed his cousin's birthday party the other night because he was taking his turn with the crud we've been passing from one person to another one at a time.  I still don't know what's worse-everyone sick at once, or everyone having it one after another and it stretching on for a month.  Gag!  I feel like I haven't had a decent stretch of wellness myself for months, now.  I'm in the market for a good vitamin D supplement to boost my immune system.  My poor immune system has never performed so poorly in my entire life.  I am almost positive the last time I had a fever before the big West Nile Virus was almost eight years ago right after I had Rugger and got mastitis.  Since the beginning of August, I've run fevers every other week!  So annoying.

Stuck at home while everyone else is partying?  Nothing a pint of ice cream for dinner can't solve.  That bed head is so cute, it has me over the moon with happiness I can't even describe.

We sent some special Veterans a few notes this week. 

Rowen is mildly obsessed with freedom, presidents, kings, queens, slavery, etc since the election and all this discussion around Veteran's Day.  The morning after the election he woke up and first thing asked, "who is in charge of this time that we are living in?"  Seriously.  Then later, before bed one night, "do the bad kings and queens of the other lands know where we live?"  No.  "Do they know where Grandma lives?"  No.  It doesn't matter if they know where we live, because our country is free so we don't have to obey those bad kings or queens anyway.  "Do they know where the oldest Grandma lives?"  No.  Goodnight!!  :) :) :)  I love my life.   

Reise is learning about capacity this week, so we busted out the beans.  The beans are a big hit with those big enough not to eat them.  Poor baby Tasia is spending a lot of time on my lap, watching. :)

Rowen is in a napping phase right now.  I love it.  It started when he was sick and napping in the afternoons, which usually caused him to stay up a bit later than usual at night, which made him tired enough the next day to nap again...  Even though it won't be a permanent schedule, it's kind of fun and practical at the same time.  We get more school done in the afternoons, and he gets some one on one time in the evenings.  One night we stayed up until 10 watching a special on ducks on PBS.  He thought it was so awesome to have done something the other kids didn't know about, he whispered to me several times the next day, "remember that duck show?" *wink* *wink* ha!

"Just learning to read, no big deal!"  If Kindergarten isn't the best, I don't know what is.  Lucky me, it's been so fun to watch this girl progress over the last few months.

Speaking of school, we are coming up on the halfway mark of the school year which always throws me for a bit of a loop.  First of all I can't ever believe it's gone so fast, and once I realize it I scramble around trying to figure out if we've done enough so far and if we're on the right track.  I spent an evening this week ordering new books, and revamping our schedule a bit to fit in some extra practice on things I think we are struggling with.

Reise, practicing her new skills on her most captive audience.

Reise has taken over library story time name tag duty.  She's also take over diaper bag carrying duty.

Aaaaaand, toddler wrangling duty!

These two raced us on their bikes to the library, and actually made it inside before we did by the time we unloaded and got babies into the stroller, etc.  They were pretty proud.  I've been letting them ride their bikes to the library in the afternoons to browse for books or check on DVD holds.  Rugger loooooooves to put his name on lists for movies.  I think he is #128 in line for Brave, currently.  Oh my worrrrd.  He absolutely kills me.  I love that he's gotten so comfortable at the library and knows some of the staff.  Sometimes I will send them with a short list of books to find, or tell them to ask the librarian for suggestions for this or that.  They are getting to be very independent.

Happy Weekending out there!  It's the weekend before a holiday week, which basically means the holiday starts now, right!??


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