"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, November 26, 2012

Etc. {Thankful Version}

Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras.

Evidently I need to accept the fact that I have zero extra minutes to blog regularly this school year.  The weekdays are packed, the evenings are short, and my body is requiring more sleep than it's ever needed before.  Gone are the days of late nights and early mornings, for me.  I ordered supplements, bought orange juice, and have high hopes we will all be on a healthy streak for a while now.  While I may not be as creative about it, I'm maybe even more hyper aware that time flies, ya know?  I don't want to forget all these little fun things that filled up our days this school year!  Catch-all posts it is, then!

A few things I'm thankful for...

The opportunity to teach my kids how important it is to give their time and resources to others.

We are still collecting Best Choice labels for Jacob's Well. 

Go to Ryleigh's blog to see her video, if you haven't already! :)  She also meant to tell everyone and forgot: we think everything Best Choice is just as good as the name brand EXCEPT tomato soup and ranch dressing.  Just go with Campbell's and Hidden Valley for those two items, but everything else has been tested and approved by the Sallingers! 

My little art lover.

No matter what the other options are, Maeson will always choose to cut, color, draw, glue, glitter, sticker, cut, cut, glitter, glue, cut...  Love those little pigs.

Rowen's BFF.  

Black cat on my white bed.

Kids who are creative and play well together an overwhelming majority of the time. 

Circus show in the back yard.  The 'clowns on bikes' portion had me laughing too hard to photograph, and now I'm sad I missed capturing that. 

Once in a while I take a picture with the kids' senior scrapbook in mind.  This was one of those times.

Rugger, reading Captain Underpants to his little brother. 

Bathed, jammied, and watching Christmas specials in the big bed.

Friends and family to raise my kids with.

"Friend" Thanksgiving at my sister's house.

Seriously, this is what Rowen put on his plate: one huge piece of turkey and a cake ball.

Ryleigh got to go to a Husker game with my friends a few weeks ago.  She and I share a low appreciation for football, but she definitely had a great time.  The energy at the stadium is always so fun, and she had amazing seats!

Tailgating with a former Husker, before the game.  Ryleigh says hi, Cory Ross (aka, Pork Chop).

Such fun friends, I have.  My kids are so lucky.

Tiny, itty bitty things that make me love my home.

I finally stained those little wooden clips, and I thought it was worth a before and after picture.  Haha!!  It's the little things in life that bring me the most happiness, and I really love the difference.  The clips match the frame!  I spend a lot of time in this house; it makes sense for me to love what's on my walls!

Awesome in-laws.

Thanksgiving with Mitch's family (just missing two!).

Big kids playing cards.

 Little kids playing cards.

A day off with my five favorites.

We spent Black Friday at the Children's Museum.  I may have been the only mom there.  I promise you, the place was full of grandparents.  I'm guessing they had kid duties because the moms and dads were shopping.  Or, working.  Most likely, shopping.  HA!

Having a job that I love, which allows me to teach my kids at home.

The boys, in a rare-ish moment, all at the same time sitting down doing some coloring while I cleaned up breakfast before the library last week. 

We got to attend a really cool homeschool event at the library last week.  We spent the week before learning about World War II which actually wasn't on the agenda at all this year, but that's the great thing about homeschool.  Turns out, Ryleigh had read a fiction book my mom had given her a while back, and the story took place during that time period.  ("Don't you remember that book Grandma gave me? It was literally *this* thick?! It's all about the Nazis killing the Jews...")  So, she already had a clue which was great.

The authors of Curious George (H.A. and Margret Reys, originally from Germany) fled France on bicycles when the Nazis invaded, and came to America.  The library had a traveling exhibit about their life displayed all month, and then hosted this event for homeschool families to take a tour. 


They had a separate event for preschoolers.

How cute are these little monkeys?  They are taped to clothespins, which are clipped to their shirts so they can "sit" on the kids' shoulders.  

I can't remember ever having been in Bennet Martin library, and I know I had never been in its elevator!  That circle window was a big hit. :)

So much about this etc. post sums up what I'm so thankful for all year 'round, and it is definitely not an exhaustive list :)  God has blessed me with everything I need, an amazing family, and incredible friends.

Happy Monday!