"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, November 5, 2012


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras.

Some days I fear Rowen is missing out on a lot of the preschool stuff I did with the older kids while he was a baby.  Now he's the preschooler, and I'm busy doing multiplication and breaking down sentences instead of singing songs and making cute crafts with coordinating snacks.  It's a balancing act.  It is really no different than being worried when Rugger and Reise got robbed of preschool because I was so busy with babies.  A different phase, a different guilt to battle.  Ridiculous.  He's fine.

Regardless, making a classic preschool snack made me feel better this week.  Yes I'm irrational, unstable, and well aware ;)

He does love helping out in the kitchen.  With sugar free pudding, I feel decent about this as a snack ;)  Every kid needs to know what a dirt cup is!

He loved it, and he loves chocolate.

A little healthier and just as fun, especially for boys during Halloween week ;)

I title this photo: "Motherhood is not for the Faint of Heart."  

Six full days of high fevers and 2 antibiotics later, I'm so happy my little Reisey Baby is back to her normal, energetic, fever-free self.  She ate her first full meal in an entire week today, and changed her outfit no less than six times.  A sure sign her health has returned!

Oh, YES WE DID.  We started the Christmas countdown this weekend.  It's amazing.  Why the heck not?!!  It's so pretty, and it's a ton of work to do all that decorating.  All of that work just to have it up for a few weeks?  No thanks.  I need more bang for my buck.

My very handy friend came over with her saw to help me shave off about a foot from my tree.  I was extremely anxious about her potentially losing a finger or her entire hand.  She was all, "I can do it, or I can just leave the saw if you want to do it!!"  UM, HECK NO.  Power saws are not for me!  I'll just stand here while you do it, and pipe in with overly obvious safety observations and unhelpful tips and generally just be annoying :)

It fits!  The kids figured out how to almost reach the top...

Now that it's done, I can't wait to start a fire in the fireplace and relax in the evenings in the living room!  So pretty...love it.  We can enjoy it, get our shopping done, and have a stress-free December.  The kids are in the church Christmas program again (13 performances) which will consume the first couple weeks of the official Christmas month.  I started early last year and loved not rushing through the season.

I am pretty certain we will not turn on the outside lights until after Thanksgiving, but at least they're up and no one froze to death doing it ;)

While my handsome-as-all-get-out-especially-when-he's-on-the-roof-hanging-lights husband was slaving away this afternoon, the little kiddies and I hit up the BMX track.

We didn't stay long, but now everyone's got the itch to go so we've got our fingers crossed for a few more nice weather days this week :)

I have been "looking" for a new computer chair for several years.  Not really actively looking, but just more keeping my eye out.  I definitely wanted something different and didn't care enough about it to spend a lot of money.  Saturday morning I scored two!  My friend Rachel was like, "what do you want them for?" and I replied, "Ummmmm, to sit on!??"  Hahahaha!!  One man's trash...

I'm considering learning how to recover things.  That seems overwhelming to me, but my mom knows how and I think she has a lot of the tools a person would need to do such a thing.  I actually like the orange, tho, so I don't know.

The last bit of BIG news around here this weekend, Ruth FINALLY started laying!  So, all three of our gals are now working birds.  So exciting!  Maeson was lucky enough to find her first egg.  We knew it was hers because we had already collected an egg from Esther, and it was a small oddly shaped egg.  We are learning so much about chickens!

Happy Monday!