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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Letters

It's Christmas program time at Capitol City, this year's program is called Christmas Letters (set in a post office).  The kids are doing 13 (THIRTEEN!) performances in less than 2 weeks.  This basically means I am in the middle of doing lots of driving and sitting and waiting and rushing and waiting and driving some more, OH and sitting in pews grinning my face off.  This also means that my children are exhausted; by the 5pm show on Sunday (show 7/13) I watched as several kids stifled yawns on the stage (some of them are better at stifling than others, oh my worrrrrrd those kids are funnnnny!!!!).

Monday night last week the kids had rehearsal at 7pm.  Trying to be efficient and kill several birds with one stone (and one trip across town!!!): I left the house at 6pm with the three bigs in tow, dropped Ryleigh off for a haircut at 6:15, ran to pick up an item I had purchased off Linconsign, ran back to pick up Ryleigh, dropped all three performers off at rehearsal at 6:55 (early! thankyouverymuch), went back to get my own hair cut and colored...and let Mitch pick them up from practice at 8:30pm after he was done taking the little boys swimming at the YMCA.  Follow that?  It doesn't really matter if you got lost.  My point is, I had crammed lots of stuff into one tiny little evening, which is necessary when you know the next several weeks are going to be chaotic and so that is my excuse for my kids being the only ones not in their costume clothes.  (Dear kids, I'm super duper sorry you looked foolish in your street clothes.  It really is my fault this time for not paying close enough attention to the papers you brought home that clearly stated it was a dress rehearsal.  Maybe next time you should tell me you think you're supposed to bring your costumes clothes.  Oh, wait.  You did.  Oopsie daisy!!  You have to love me anyway because I'm your mother.  Love, Mom :) :) :))

Seriously, they sure stuck out like sore thumbs.  Thanks to Peggy for taking pictures of it :) 

But seriously, thanks to Peggy for taking pictures!!

The girls and I went shopping for Christmas dresses so they could wear them during the shows, which was so dang funny I should have videoed the entire trip.  It absolutely slays me how different my kids are, especially the girls.  It's:

*GASP* *SQUEEL* *CLUTCH HEART* "Are those high heeeeeeeels for meeeeeee???!!!!! This is my dream come truuuuuue!!!!!"


"uhhhhhh, that looks super scratchy....why can't I wear pants?"

Ryleigh is very serious and professional. 

Reise is very animated.

Rugger really is enjoying himself, even if you can't tell from his complete lack of facial expression!

This video of Ryleigh doing her solo is from the dress rehearsal that I actually knew about and sent clothes for ;)  You will have to excuse the video quality and laugh with me at all the kids milling around in the background unsure of where to go.  Also, I think the light guy was trying out different settings on the spotlight.  All very entertaining, but Ryleigh did great!

The extra special parts (angels, king's entourage, snake holder) are given to different kids each night, and are used as rewards for good behavior.  I think it's a great system, and there are enough parts that all the kids can rotate around and do different things each night.  It definitely helps break up the waiting they do in between songs.

Reise is at the far right looking extra angelic!

Mitch is going back to see the program later this week, just to watch Reise.  He had a bad seat when we went over the weekend, and he really missed out.  She holds nothing back.  It is hysterical!

We also noticed how tiny she looked up on stage with all those kids.  She looks huge at our house compared to the little boys and the daycare kids we have running around here daily.  We both said, "she's just a baby up there!"

Rugger got asked to be an angel one night along with Reise, and he was pumped to do it. He didn't care that he had to wear tights. What's not to love?! He is so dang fun. 

Rugger says the best part about being an angel is, he gets to watch baby Jesus the whole song.  He's such a sweet boy.

Here's Reise taking a turn carrying the gold.

It appears in this picture that Reise is off somehow, but by golly she does it with so much confidence no one cares.  Hahaha!  She is a riot up there!

This is how the yahoo's spend their evenings and weekend afternoons while the kids are performing.  They're pretty easily entertained in mom's office with sticky notes and pbskids.org. :) 

This will be the last year they get to hang in "mom's office" at the church during Christmas performances.   After over seven years as a ministry coordinator, I put in my resignation and I will be done after this week.  I'm having such mixed feelings about it.   By mixed I may or may not mean that I have completely unstable feelings about it.  I know the extra evening at home every week will feel super luxurious, and we're at a point with school where I really need to be home every day all day to get everything done.  Still.  I will absolutely miss working, which I half-jokingly refer to as my "break".  It will be an interesting adjustment, and I will be on the lookout for new reasons to get dressed and out of the house at least a few times a week ;)
Happy weekending out there!


LaoLao & Papa Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

As their Mom, you speak of how proud you are of all of them. Well, let me tell you, when you get to be your kids' Grandparent and Great-Grand, you'll know what 'PROUD' is! We had to get out the needle/thread to sew buttons back on! :) So thankful that you parents take the time and effort to make this happen. These kids will someday realize how blessed they are! ♥