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Monday, December 3, 2012

Fartday {Christmas Craftastics}

The kids have little quarter-page sized lists to help them remember what school work they need to complete each day.  I created these at the beginning of the fall and print them weekly or so.  They have the same tasks to complete daily, with the exception of science, computer, and art.  We alternate science and computer M/W and T/Th and art on Fridays.  To save space, I typed:

M-science, T-computer, W-science, Th-computer, F-art. 

Immediately, Rugger noticed that I had printed out "Fart" in the middle of his task list.  "Fartday!!!!!!!"  It has gotten old to me, but not to them.  I fear the bathroom jokes will never get old over here.  Someone save me from all these boys ;)

So, that's the story behind our most recent FartWEEK; we made some pretty fab Christmas ornaments.  It's fun to leave the art stuff out in the living room all week on card tables, pick at it here and there, let stuff dry, come back to it...  Absolutely love that.  By Friday (or, Fartday depending on who you ask) however, I was happy as a lark to get that art gear packed up and put away ;)  Mama loves a clutter free zone for the weekend! 

We painted some cheapy wooden picture frame ornaments I bought at the fabric store a while back. 

My goal for the weekend was to get the pictures printed and assemble these, but it didn't happen.  We are in the middle of the two-week Christmas Program frenzy at church.  The kids have performed six out of 13 shows so far, and they're having a blast.  It just doesn't leave much time in the schedule for anything else :)

Here are some adorable Santa handprints in the making.  SUPER easy.  Thanks to Mitch's grandma for posting them on facebook :)  The dough was 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2-2/3 cup water.  Form, roll out, make imprint, trim around, bake for 3 hours at 200*. 

Handprint snowman glass (plastic) bulbs, drying.  A sweet gal from church sent me this idea last year and I waited too long to shop for plain bulbs, so this year I was on the lookout earlier.  It's harder than you might think to find plain, non-glittered, non-textured bulbs!

I didn't get awesome pictures of these plaster of paris ornaments.  I just used the bottoms of empty gatorade bottles as a form.  Poured in the plaster of paris, added a metal hook to the back (jewelry wire), let dry.  They just popped right out, and the kids painted them. I got that idea from a lady at an art studio we took the kids to this spring.

The finished handprint snowman bulbs.  Pretty cute, if you ask me ;)

Finished Santa handprints. 

The plaster of paris gatorade bottle forms ;)

So, we managed to craft it out this time without me having to log into Pinterest, which saved me a few days of getting sucked in and not being able to pull myself back out :)  HA!  I love Pinterest, but once I'm in I have a hard time returning to my reality if you know what I'm sayin'.

These are a few of my favorite things.  Christmas and crafting with my favorites! 

We've still got plenty of time, anyone doing any fun crafts out there for Christmas you think this crew would enjoy?