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Monday, December 10, 2012

For the Birds.

If we had to rate our love for my cousin Joseph on a scale of 1-10 we'd be hovering somewhere between a million and infinity-ish.  He's so fun!!!  Lucky us.

Pretty please notice and die with me that Rowen's fingers are in his mouth the entire morning.  He ate more birdseed than he put on the pine cones, I promise.

The kids had a blast.  As for me, don't mind me if I continue working on my little Christmas craft project over here with my coffee and the "special" creamer.  Heaven!!!!!

This was also the day the chickens became more free range than cooped.  Oh my stars, heaven help me, for the love of the land!  I'm so nervous.  I would make a terrrrrrrible farmer.  So far the gals seem to really be enjoying themselves in the yard and haven't fallen prey to any neighborhood cats or dogs. 

We've seen all kinds of birds out there since the new feeders went up.  It turns out, this seems to be a busy time for all kinds of birds.  Our pond is nearly overrun right now with ducks and geese.  My little science nerds constantly have their field book out trying to figure out who is who out there.  It's way too adorable, I'm sorry to say it. Today it was frozen over almost completely and the geese were just strutting across the ice!  Why aren't you flying south, geese?  Isn't that your M.O.???

I love fun on a random Thursday.  Thanks, cousin!!!



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Elisha said... Best Blogger Tips

What a blast. Didn't catch that you are chicken owners now! I have Always wanted to try! But our dogs for sure would at them:(

If These Walls Spoke... said... Best Blogger Tips

We got the chickens this spring. What a riot! The kids really want a dog but I don't know how they'd get along.