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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Doggy Love.


Way back when, before marriage and kids and college graduation, we couldn't wait to own a house so we could get a dog.  In fact, that was the first thing we planned to do after we moved out of our apartment.  We would move there with no kids and no minivan and get a dog.  Then, we started having babies.  Human babies.  Next thing you know we've been home owners for almost NINE years and have ZERO desire to add a dog to the chaos that is our house. 

Then, we ran across this dog rescue organization (Big Dogs Huge Paws) selling hotdogs as a fundraiser outside the Super Saver.  Be still my heart.  I fell in love with those Great Danes.  That was in September.  We applied.  Since we had kids under the age of 5 and had never owned a giant breed  before, we had to wait. 

We applied again three weeks ago.  We had to provide references, they called our vet, we had an hour-long phone interview...THEN a home study.  A HOME STUDY.  FOR A DOG.  We were approved last Thursday.  They had no dogs available who met our criteria.  The dog had to be over 4 years old, perfect around kids, OK with cats, zero prey drive (hello, we have chickens and a rat), and no major health concerns.  We told the kids it could be months before we were matched with the right dog. 

Friday, Maeson prayed at dinner, "please let us get a Great Dane tomorrow!" 

God has such a funny sense of humor.  I guarantee there couldn't have been a better way for any of us to be reminded that no prayer is too outrageous.  I found Dakota Friday night on a random website we had never visited before while we were looking for dogs (petfinder.com).  Her "foster mom" sent me an application for the rescue agency she works through (Homeward Bound) and we were off to meet her before 10am on Saturday!  She had been a puppy mill mama for five years or so, and was rescued to a ranch outside of Omaha.  They had her for just a few weeks before we took her home.  

You will not meet a sweeter dog, I am sure of it.  I am also sure I have turned into a crazy dog person normal people make fun of.  I'm constantly taking pictures of the dog, worrying about her separation anxiety, freaking out about bloat, buying crib mattresses off craigslist so we have one in every area of the house....  Oh, Lord. 

But seriously.  Isn't she sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?????

She follows me everywhere I go.  Everywhere.  I take it as a compliment ;)

She is perfect with the kids, and if anyone would be good at testing her patience it's Rowen.  He just cannot keep his hands off of her, and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it in the least bit. 

We were warned about the first few weeks of transition between "foster home" and "forever home" (yes, we know ALL the lingo now!).  Diarrhea, chewing, barking, refusing to eat or drink, separation anxiety, acting out by destroying your house.......!!!!!!!!  We bought a giant kennel and prepared for the worst.  So far we've been pretty lucky and she hasn't done much but sleep and follow me around constantly. 

She is absolutely unphased by the cat, couldn't care less about the chickens, and sniffed around the rat for a minute then proceeded to ignore her. 

Biggie is enjoying life as a homework assistant and snack test-taster.  She kind of grosses me out still, but the kids just love her to death. 

Diddy is a little offended that we brought a dog into the house.  By a little, I mean he has been hiding all week.  If he happens to cross paths with the dog, he bats his declawed paws at her sweet doggy face, hisses, and runs away.  Dakota stands there like she isn't sure what just happened.  Surely the cat will relax, eventually!

I know I've gone over the edge into crazyville but I just think it's so dang cute that her ear is flopped over the side of her doggy bed!

All that work I thought I didn't want to do for a dog?  It turns out that maintaining  a few backyard chickens is a lot more hassle than this pooch has been so far.  (Check back with me after she's had her first bout of diarrhea in the house and see if I am still singing the same tune.)  She's still really nervous around new people and doesn't like to be left alone.  Who could blame her?  Sweet girl. 

It's doggy love ;)



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

Love her! Dogs are such a perfect addition to a family! She is one lucky dog to be a part of your sweet Fam!

Gma Marcy said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sweet! Looking forward to meeting her.

Amy Miles said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet looking dog!! That last photo MELTS my heart! What a lucky, lucky girl.