"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Away.

We made a super duper quick trip to Kansas City to watch the Cardinals play on Memorial Day.  The kids do really well on the road, and they loved the game. 

Such a crappy photo because I just wanted to snap it quick before they noticed me.  Just having some banana phone convos.  So serious.  Look at Reise!  They really are a riot.

We were literally about as far up as you could go.  That's what you get when you plan these things less than a week in advance.  Pretty sure the kids didn't care ;)  Pretty sure we could have made them sit in the car and listen to the game on the radio and they would have been happy as long as they had cotton candy and funnel cakes coming at them on the regular ;)  Not that we would do that.  Orrrrrrr, maybe we would.  

Fun little road trip!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Phone Photo Friday

Of course I only have phone pics for the last week or so.  Whatever!  At least there are pics ;)

Finally started and finished my pallet furniture project.  It really didn't take much time or effort, and I think they look pretty darn cute on the deck and basement patio!  The weatherproof fabric, foam and plywood to cover one seat cost about $35, and the pallet was free.  Not dirt cheap, but probably worth the money for the amount of seating it created.  I used outdoor paint, and assembled everything with a staple gun. 

Sent this picture to "the guys" who were missing him at BW3's after they all helped moved a friend's piano.  He came home afterward to help me instead, and look how happy he was about it!!  For the record, I told him to stay out.  I guess he just missed me, what can I say?  Hahahaha!  Handsome and handy.  Love him.

I had to have a discussion with the kids about the difference between picking weeds at the pond and picking flowers out of people's yards that live near the pond.  Whoopsie Daisy!  Pretty tho ;)

The kids are into using goblets and champagne glasses for water right now.  

Rugger and Truman are hoping to see their Lego creations featured in the next Lego Club magazine.  Fingers crossed.  

Last week was warm enough for water stuff outside nearly every day.  It's going to take me a few weeks to adjust and start ignoring the mess this creates inside.  The floors are constantly wet, there is forever a pile of wet clothes in the main floor bathroom, and the deck is always covered in towels at various stages of drying.  

Such is summer.  Bring it on.

Our dog is nearly perfect.  Really, for a rescued 4yr old (basically a middle aged Dane), we got SUPER "lucky" with her.  She has bonded to us and is really well behaved the VAST majority of the time.  Besides stealing mass quantities of food, she really has had no major behavior issues.

Once in a while she gets mad that we're outside and she's in.

The JDRF garage sale was a success.  Huge thanks to our friends the Paulsen family for hosting it.  Their neighborhood sales brought by a lot of traffic, and it was a great location.  We had a LOT of stuff to sell, thanks to awesome donations.  In the end we made $985 to donate to JDRF, which sure isn't shabby. 

This pictures doesn't do it justice.  So.  Much.  Stuff.

We skipped naps and swung over to watch our buddies sing a duet at their school talent show this week.  So FUN. 

My little audience members were very respectful!

Sonic Happy Hour after sitting so perfectly for aforementioned talent show.  I'm sure the car hops think it's weird that I ordered 8 green apple slushies.  Peer pressure!

We ran into some rad weather on our way home from Grand Island last weekend.  This storm passed through town while we were there.  We left for home and ran into it again, passed through it driving, and beat it to Lincoln.  Then, just as we were tucking the kids into bed, it came through Lincoln!  Same storm 3x.  

My brother thinks I do nothing all day except Instagram pictures of the dog.  Maybe that's partially accurate.

Today is the last day of daycare transition from school-year kids to summer kids.  There's usually a week in the spring and another week in the fall when my summer kids are here already but my school-year kids haven't left yet.  It could possibly look a bit overwhelming to anyone passing by, ha!  It's a great way to semi-start a new routine since it's a little chaotic anyway.  

By the start of next week it will feel like a breeze in comparison.  Looking forward to afternoons poolside, sprinklers, Popsicles on the deck, and lots of fishing after a long weekend with my favorites ;)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ryleigh will have grey hair from worry before she hits high school.  Bless her.  She's got way too many brothers and a fearless sister to fret over 24/7.  My gosh I love it.  I just love the whole thing. 


Sometimes a fun morning at the zoo with my favorites goes a long way in reminding my that I love staying home, I love homeschool, and daycare is a great option for me.  The days with crying babies and dirty diapers and whining about math and fighting over chores and on and on and on can get long, y'all.  Then, we meet up with some buddies, feed a few goats, eat a packed lunch, and come home to a clean kitchen and naptime, and all feels right in the world.  I do love it. 

Maeson had kindergarten orientation last night, which makes me feel a tiny bit of panic at the thought of him missing fun stuff with us next year.  He loved going off to see his new classroom all by himself with a bunch of other tiny itty bitty teeny weeny 5 yr olds.  I know he will be an excellent student and have a blast in school.  Still. Sad.  Summer is going to fly by and August 13 will have me boo hoo'ing before I know it.

Speaking of school, the homeschooled Sallingers are "done" for the year. Praise the good Lord.  Reise and Rugger need a lot of reading practice over the summer, and they'll all do daily math practice just to keep things fresh.  I am personally thrilled to have a break from managing that mayhem for a while.  Summer is going to be a great time to just take a minute away from being in it constantly, so I can reevaluate everyone's material before fall.  Then I will add Rowen to the mix which will probably make my brain explode again ;)  We shall see!

For now, it's summertime and the livin's easy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time.  Etc. : additional odds and ends; extras.

So, I turned the A/C on in the house today.  I broke my "wait 'til June 1st" rule, and I just wanted to be honest about it.  I decided it was in everyone's best interest for me to be cool and calm today, and that's that.  (Like you care!)  It's been way too long since I pulled out my camera.  Months.  I finally dumped my phone pics and filled in the blog here and there with posts of stuff I really didn't want to leave out.  Everything else I dumped into this Etc. post ;)  I will try to keep up from here on out!  Might even dust off the Canon. 
(Here are links to the posts I added in: Mother's Day  Marathoning   Boys' Birthdays  Easter)


Rugger recently pulled a tooth that had been loose for over a year.  Literally.  I have no idea how it hung on that long.  He had been to the dentist TWICE since it was discovered to be loose initially.  So weird.  Anyway, after all that, I accidentally poured it down the drain.  In my defense it was sitting in a random cup full of water on the kitchen counter.  I had no idea.  Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy is super understanding. 

And, speaking of teeth.  Pretty sure we didn't document Reise's first loss on thee blog.  Rugger gave it the final yank after she punched herself in the mouth to get it good and loose.  I can't make these things up.  Ask Reise for a reenactment.  

A random neighbor I had never met before knocked on the door one afternoon last week and asked if we would like a gallon sized Ziploc full of pepperonis.  Um, yes please.

That's not weird, is it?  They're delicious. 

Crumb snatcher.  The dog is getting really bold with her eating stuff off the counters and tables.  She loves butter in mass quantities and digests Saran Wrap with no problem.   The volume of food she can scarf down in seconds is pretty astounding.

Every dog has it's tricks.
Rugger saved his money for months and finally bought his electric motorcycle.  The thing is pretty sweet.  Now that he's made that big purchase, the next item on his list is a new remote control helicopter.  He's about $3 short.  Actually closer to $4 after he bought his mom a Snickers for Mother's Day with his own money.  So sweet! :)  Love that he's so determined and has figured out a little money management!

We lost a hen about a month ago.  The kids found her one morning, stiff with feet straight up in the air, and they were pretty "farm kid" about the whole thing.  It was sad, but these things happen, and it was just a chicken.  It's still weird to see the pair out in the yard now, pecking around without their 3rd wheel.  The other white hen (Esther) started acting really weird...sitting around, not coming out of the coop, not laying eggs.  We thought she was sick, did some googling, poked at her a bit, and after a week realized she was probably just depressed that her friend was gone!  It sounds weird, but evidently chickens do that!  Sure enough, after another few days she started coming out of the coop, pecking around, acting normal again.  She still hasn't laid an egg since.  Hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon.  We learn new things every day over here.

Nice weather has slowly returned.  Really looking forward to regular late nights downtown again!

I'm in a decorating phase lately; these things are usually short-lived ;)  I finally painted and hung a window I have had for months.  I need to find something to go over or around it, and I want to find some topiary flower balls for the teal pots on the mantle.  Next up, patio furniture!  I love our deck and patios, and I want to use them more this summer.  I may actually log into Pinterest for this project...

DJ Steele is churning out the weddings already, which is pretty early for wedding season it seems.  The kids know wedding season means meetings in the Haymarket and Ivanna Cone for them!  Turns out, I find a way to incorporate ice cream into meetings, even if they happen via phone after the kids have long been tucked in for the night ;)

Rowen.  "What?"

Dakota deserves an award for most patient dog ever.

I know this may seem ridiculous, but this year's Valentine's Day gift from the love of my life has given me more happiness over the last 3 months than is probably healthy.  I absolutely love having my nails painted.  I feel like I'm a fairly low-maintenance gal, and for goodness' sake if I want to keep my nails shellac'ed all year 'round then I should probably just go ahead and make that happen.  Then, I get all practical and realize I don't have the time to spend an hour at the nail salon every two weeks, and I really hate to spend the money!  Turns out...you can do it at home.  All you need is a UV lamp (link to the exact model I have, and I have no complaints about it!) and gel or shellac polish (Target, Walmart, Beauty Supply...).  I'm telling you what, I have never been happier about the convenience to do it myself on the weekends while I'm watching Netflix and DJ Steele is working.  The initial cost is about what you'd pay for two salon manicures.  Totally worth it.

You're welcome.

 May Day! It was cold and rainy, and we did it anyway.  (Memory makin' and all that.) 

Rugger started playing flag football this "spring".  I don't know any of the rules.  I honestly would give a 50/50 guess if you asked me if he was playing offense or defense.  Not kidding.  I am just so uninterested in football as a sport, I can't even spare a few brain cells to try and figure that one out.  Don't even try to talk to me about downs.  I understand touchDOWNS and I think I have the extra point figured out.  Anywhooooo....

You know how crazy I am about my kid, right?  So if he wants to play football, I will go to all the games and take cues from those around me as to when I need to cheer really loud. 

If he has the ball and appears to be running in the correct direction, I cheer really loud.  If he's running after the other guy who has the ball, I will yell, "Get 'em!!"  That's about as far as I can safely go without looking like a fool. 

Rugger has been so lucky to have three sets of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends show up to cheer him on.  I've really slacked with the pictures lately, and I'm kicking myself for my lack of photo evidence that our family is amazing.  I stole this one from the kids' adopted little sister's mom ;)

Well, it's nearly 100 degrees outside so I sent my bigs out with water guns and told them not to fall into the pond. At least one of them really requires more supervision than that, so I'm off ;)


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Ryleigh and I volunteered at the JDRF gala Saturday night, and when we got home at 11:15pm there were a dozen roses on the kitchen counter.  So nice.  So normal!  (Love that it's normal.)  Sent a thank you text to my main squeeze, and nearly an hour later found another dozen roses in the bedroom.  Big sweet love right there.  It IS Mother's Day weekend after all.

We somehow accidentally booked DJ Steele a wedding on Sunday.  Mother's Day.  In Omaha.  I say "we" because I'm the one who checked the date, sent out the contract, recorded all the info, sent out a confirmation...  (Basically, I should say "I" booked DJ Steele a wedding...)  Anywhoooooo, since we're into making lemonade over here...

Fun day with my favorites in the Old Market in between DJ set-up and actual start time.  Swung over and saw my mom for an hour on the way, so it worked out really well.  (Lemonade!)

Called my brother on the interstate on the way home and he said, "Did you bring your waxed paper?"  Funny you should ask!  We did not, however there was plenty to go around.  Turns out the waxed paper was way too much for Rowen to handle.  Poor kid.  Flew off the end so fast and hit the ground so hard all the spectators did one of those, "oooh" in unison things.  Dang!

Much better with the big brother.  Whew!

Ryleigh, usually fairly reserved, definitely enjoyed herself on the slides ;)

Old-school phone booth at Spaghetti Works.  

Super relaxing day, honestly.  I was dreading driving back to Lincoln by myself but the house was pretty well picked up and the kids were so tired bedtime was a cinch.  Not a shabby way to spend a Mother's Day if I do say so.  Love them.  Missed my Maesonater, but he sent me a text and I'll make up for lost time over the next 3 weeks (and 3 weekends in a row!) and then it's summer schedule time!!!