"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Ryleigh and I volunteered at the JDRF gala Saturday night, and when we got home at 11:15pm there were a dozen roses on the kitchen counter.  So nice.  So normal!  (Love that it's normal.)  Sent a thank you text to my main squeeze, and nearly an hour later found another dozen roses in the bedroom.  Big sweet love right there.  It IS Mother's Day weekend after all.

We somehow accidentally booked DJ Steele a wedding on Sunday.  Mother's Day.  In Omaha.  I say "we" because I'm the one who checked the date, sent out the contract, recorded all the info, sent out a confirmation...  (Basically, I should say "I" booked DJ Steele a wedding...)  Anywhoooooo, since we're into making lemonade over here...

Fun day with my favorites in the Old Market in between DJ set-up and actual start time.  Swung over and saw my mom for an hour on the way, so it worked out really well.  (Lemonade!)

Called my brother on the interstate on the way home and he said, "Did you bring your waxed paper?"  Funny you should ask!  We did not, however there was plenty to go around.  Turns out the waxed paper was way too much for Rowen to handle.  Poor kid.  Flew off the end so fast and hit the ground so hard all the spectators did one of those, "oooh" in unison things.  Dang!

Much better with the big brother.  Whew!

Ryleigh, usually fairly reserved, definitely enjoyed herself on the slides ;)

Old-school phone booth at Spaghetti Works.  

Super relaxing day, honestly.  I was dreading driving back to Lincoln by myself but the house was pretty well picked up and the kids were so tired bedtime was a cinch.  Not a shabby way to spend a Mother's Day if I do say so.  Love them.  Missed my Maesonater, but he sent me a text and I'll make up for lost time over the next 3 weeks (and 3 weekends in a row!) and then it's summer schedule time!!!