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Friday, May 24, 2013

Phone Photo Friday

Of course I only have phone pics for the last week or so.  Whatever!  At least there are pics ;)

Finally started and finished my pallet furniture project.  It really didn't take much time or effort, and I think they look pretty darn cute on the deck and basement patio!  The weatherproof fabric, foam and plywood to cover one seat cost about $35, and the pallet was free.  Not dirt cheap, but probably worth the money for the amount of seating it created.  I used outdoor paint, and assembled everything with a staple gun. 

Sent this picture to "the guys" who were missing him at BW3's after they all helped moved a friend's piano.  He came home afterward to help me instead, and look how happy he was about it!!  For the record, I told him to stay out.  I guess he just missed me, what can I say?  Hahahaha!  Handsome and handy.  Love him.

I had to have a discussion with the kids about the difference between picking weeds at the pond and picking flowers out of people's yards that live near the pond.  Whoopsie Daisy!  Pretty tho ;)

The kids are into using goblets and champagne glasses for water right now.  

Rugger and Truman are hoping to see their Lego creations featured in the next Lego Club magazine.  Fingers crossed.  

Last week was warm enough for water stuff outside nearly every day.  It's going to take me a few weeks to adjust and start ignoring the mess this creates inside.  The floors are constantly wet, there is forever a pile of wet clothes in the main floor bathroom, and the deck is always covered in towels at various stages of drying.  

Such is summer.  Bring it on.

Our dog is nearly perfect.  Really, for a rescued 4yr old (basically a middle aged Dane), we got SUPER "lucky" with her.  She has bonded to us and is really well behaved the VAST majority of the time.  Besides stealing mass quantities of food, she really has had no major behavior issues.

Once in a while she gets mad that we're outside and she's in.

The JDRF garage sale was a success.  Huge thanks to our friends the Paulsen family for hosting it.  Their neighborhood sales brought by a lot of traffic, and it was a great location.  We had a LOT of stuff to sell, thanks to awesome donations.  In the end we made $985 to donate to JDRF, which sure isn't shabby. 

This pictures doesn't do it justice.  So.  Much.  Stuff.

We skipped naps and swung over to watch our buddies sing a duet at their school talent show this week.  So FUN. 

My little audience members were very respectful!

Sonic Happy Hour after sitting so perfectly for aforementioned talent show.  I'm sure the car hops think it's weird that I ordered 8 green apple slushies.  Peer pressure!

We ran into some rad weather on our way home from Grand Island last weekend.  This storm passed through town while we were there.  We left for home and ran into it again, passed through it driving, and beat it to Lincoln.  Then, just as we were tucking the kids into bed, it came through Lincoln!  Same storm 3x.  

My brother thinks I do nothing all day except Instagram pictures of the dog.  Maybe that's partially accurate.

Today is the last day of daycare transition from school-year kids to summer kids.  There's usually a week in the spring and another week in the fall when my summer kids are here already but my school-year kids haven't left yet.  It could possibly look a bit overwhelming to anyone passing by, ha!  It's a great way to semi-start a new routine since it's a little chaotic anyway.  

By the start of next week it will feel like a breeze in comparison.  Looking forward to afternoons poolside, sprinklers, Popsicles on the deck, and lots of fishing after a long weekend with my favorites ;)



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