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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ryleigh will have grey hair from worry before she hits high school.  Bless her.  She's got way too many brothers and a fearless sister to fret over 24/7.  My gosh I love it.  I just love the whole thing. 


Sometimes a fun morning at the zoo with my favorites goes a long way in reminding my that I love staying home, I love homeschool, and daycare is a great option for me.  The days with crying babies and dirty diapers and whining about math and fighting over chores and on and on and on can get long, y'all.  Then, we meet up with some buddies, feed a few goats, eat a packed lunch, and come home to a clean kitchen and naptime, and all feels right in the world.  I do love it. 

Maeson had kindergarten orientation last night, which makes me feel a tiny bit of panic at the thought of him missing fun stuff with us next year.  He loved going off to see his new classroom all by himself with a bunch of other tiny itty bitty teeny weeny 5 yr olds.  I know he will be an excellent student and have a blast in school.  Still. Sad.  Summer is going to fly by and August 13 will have me boo hoo'ing before I know it.

Speaking of school, the homeschooled Sallingers are "done" for the year. Praise the good Lord.  Reise and Rugger need a lot of reading practice over the summer, and they'll all do daily math practice just to keep things fresh.  I am personally thrilled to have a break from managing that mayhem for a while.  Summer is going to be a great time to just take a minute away from being in it constantly, so I can reevaluate everyone's material before fall.  Then I will add Rowen to the mix which will probably make my brain explode again ;)  We shall see!

For now, it's summertime and the livin's easy!


Gma Marcy said... Best Blogger Tips

Such cute kids! You're a great mom.