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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Fun

We do love our daddy for the fun and funny man that he is.  A few days before Father's Day this year I asked Maeson, "what should we get dad for Father's Day?" and he immediately replied, "A GOLD PLATED TOILET, that's what he always says he wants!!!!"  I laughed like a hyena and made everyone at the swimming pool turn to stare at me which is exactly what I love to have happen since I look so awesome in my bathing suit and all ;) 

Maeson was completely correct. Mitch does always tell them that he wants a gold plated toilet.  When the kids whine that they want something, he replies, "Well, I want a gold plated toilet, but we don't always get everything we want."  

He will need to come up with a new phrase.

Yes, it was heavy and gross.  We went to the Eco ReStore and I can't even talk about the toilet graveyard we found out there.  Can't.  Even.  

Of course Mitch didn't leave for work until after 9pm that night.  Ha!  It was a late night working my little slaves to the bone in the garage ;)

We actually did crack the garage door after this pic for ventilation.  Holy fumes!

I was so tickled with myself I could hardly stand it.  It's so pretty!!

The kids got such a kick out of it, and Mitch had a giant laugh.  

Happy Father's Day to the best dad, ever.