"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Etc.

Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time.  Etc. : additional odds and ends; extras.

A little Saturday morning fun at my sister's.  Nothing better than cousins. 

Not shown: Dakota having the time of her life in the pond, mud, and whoknowswhatelse.  She required a bath.

The Lincoln Running Company put my handsome runner of a husband into the man version of the same Asics I have!  Twinsies!  We are training for the Green Lake half and taking the kids over Labor Day weekend.  Anyone want to make a quick road trip?  I'm booking the hotel this week ;)

The last Jazz in June.

The girls went with their BFF to Sports 'N' More VBS/cheer camp in the evenings for a week and had a blast.  They don't even know how lucky they are to have such great friends. 

The 2nd annual Camp Uncle Brandon was followed by a morning at Aunt Becky's.  A bunch of really tired boys, the girls and I headed for the park to kill an hour while my sister went to the dentist.  Love these kids!

Not much was said about C.U.B. but all three of our boys required a nap ;)  I saw one picture of pizza, pop, and light-up swords and heard something about a 10-foot retaining wall that I chose to ignore!
I took the girls shopping with their birthday money, which is never my favorite thing.  I've come to accept the fact that I don't really enjoy shopping as an activity.  I very rarely do it.  I go to Super Saver ONCE a week.  I might go to Wal-Mart once a month.  Target even less frequently, and I'm not kidding when I say that's about it.  My wardrobe proves this.

Reise is just seriously too much for me to handle when it comes to shopping.

Exhibit A:  "MOM.  Please take a picture of these shoes and send it to Tiffy and ask her what she thinks."  This was before she tried to stand up in them. 

We walked out of the store with three dresses, a pair of wedge sandals, a notebook, stapler, extra staples, and a pack of mechanical pencils.  I will give you one guess on who bought clothes and spent all her money, and who bought the school supplies and still has $53 to figure out what to do with.  

I LOVE THEM!!!  So happy to be their mom ;)